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Gratitude Friday: Gearing up for Marathon Training Edition

GratitudeFriday Good morning! It feels good to be back on the Gratitude Friday train 🙂 I’ve felt extra positive this week – probably the most positive I have felt all year. My new gratitude journal probably helps with that. As mentioned in Monday’s post, I’ve been trying to do more than just write about what I’m grateful for on Fridays. My goal is to write down 5 positive things every single day. Another reason for my positive attitude this week is that I am psyched to start marathon training. PSYCHED!!! More on that later, though. Here are the highlights of my week: I’m grateful that I passed my licensing exam! Yep, I already mentioned this, but I am still so thrilled about such a HUGE step in my career. In August, I’ll be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Holy crap! I’m grateful for the people in my life. Summer is a much more social time for me than any other part of the year – that’s probably true for many people. I’ve been able to spend time with Oksana, Britta, Brittany, Annie, and Andy (as usual, HA!) all in the same week. Pretty awesome!! IMG_2669.JPG

Poor quality image. I swear my makeup looked better in person 😉

I’m grateful for long walks on the beach (haha). Britta and I took a long walk at the beach in Evanston on Tuesday night. It was so relaxing and gave us a good opportunity to chat. I’m grateful for beautiful weather! It got up to almost 90* on Wednesday. To me, that’s beautiful weather. I don’t know why I enjoy being out in crazy hot temps, but whatever. Maybe I should move to Arizona or something. I’m grateful that I will be running this distance or more at least 1x/week through the beginning of October (Chicago Marathon!) IMG_2801.JPG I’m grateful that marathon training officially begins this week! Since I’m training for the 10k on June 21st, it doesn’t quite feel like marathon training is officially starting now. Luckily, my long runs are pretty much the same (if not longer than the) distances required by my marathon training plan. In a couple weeks, I’ll post my version of Hal Higdon’s plan! Wahoo! I’m grateful for running in general. My love for running has grown exponentially during this 10k training cycle. I feel amazing after running and I’m starting to crave runs out in the park. I’m grateful for Summer Shandy. Best. Beer. Ever. IMG_2813.JPG

Andy’s drink is the other beer in the background, but he totally wished to have my Shandy haha

I’m grateful for my car. Because it works and I have people in my life who constantly deal with car trouble. I just took my car for an oil change and it felt really good to take care of him. Yes, him. My car’s a boy.

I’m grateful that I will be getting that new laptop SOON. The one I am currently typing on is going crazy at the moment. You should hear how loud it is and see how often it’s freezing. Oh man…

I’m grateful that Andy and I are on the hunt for an apartment. No more long distance relationship! Maybe (probably!) a nicer place than where I live now! A new location to explore! So excited 😀

I’m grateful for free popcorn at the movie theater! 


I’m grateful for working much less these days. I have the opportunity to really enjoy myself during the SUMMER! It’s such a nice treat before I start working full-time in August 🙂

Does anyone have tips for where to find good apartments? We are having some trouble finding places

Does your job require a license? What kind? Tell me all about it!

What are you grateful for today?