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Workout Wednesday: Week 6 of 10k Training

This was not my best week of training, but for good reason. I developed a foot injury at the end of week 5, which I was reluctant to discuss on here due to potentially jinxing myself. Luckily, my foot was fine after a few days of rest, but then I caught a cold and had virtually zero motivation to run. I only ran once, and it was to make up for my long run the week before. Not my finest work, but sometimes the body just needs a rest. I feel like I really fell off the wagon for a couple weeks for various reasons – some legitimate and some not. You can also see that last week was pretty lame, too. My goal for this week (my last “intense” week of training) is to complete each and every workout. My 10k race is only a couple weeks away, on June 21st! I can’t wait 😀 Last Week’s Workouts Monday: Elliptical for 35 minutes due to foot pain Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: 6 mile run to make up for last week’s long run. It was supposed to be a 4 miler on this day, so I figured 2 extra miles would help make up for what I missed… sorta kinda 😉 Bonus – It was National Running Day! IMG_2791-0.JPG Thursday: More elliptical even though I was going to run some intervals. This was the day I came down with my cold. Boo. Friday-Sunday: Nothin’ I hope to report a better list of workouts for week 7! Did you run on National Running Day?!