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Life in June 2015

I started a blog to not only keep track of my running, but to also keep track of my life. Life is progressing in ways I only dreamed of in the past. My Timehop app has been full of pictures and updates this week. That probably means my social media use increases every June. Who knows? … But Timehop reminded me of just how much my life has changed since I started using Facebook 9 years ago. Now, I have the opportunity to document my life on Mel’s Miles, so here’s my attempt to do it. Here are some current thoughts about/happenings in my life right now First and foremost, I passed my licensing exam! I’m officially going to have letters at the end of my name following graduation. To be a licensed counselor, you need to both pass the exam and receive a diploma. Come August, I should have both 🙂 I can’t believe this is really happening! I am still not dealing with the changes in my life well. I have to be transparent on here: my anxiety is still pretty high. I now have a cold, AGAIN. I’m positive that this is partially due to anxiety. Prior to this year, I never got sick. I’ve been sick with a cold at least 4 times since January – one of those times lasted 3 weeks and another lasted 3 days. Due to this, I am working on taking wayyyy better care of myself. I got a manicure on the Monday after my birthday, which is something I hadn’t done since freshman year of college. I made an appointment with my therapist from last year – one session later, and I feel so much better already. As a therapist, I am not ashamed to admit that I’m not perfect. There’s a lot of room to grow here, and through getting help for myself, I’ll be more effectively able to help others <3 I purchased new makeup because I ran out of my old concealer. Plus, Oksana told me I should get actual foundation for Rachel’s wedding because it will look better in pictures. I had to listen to my beauty expert 😉 IMG_2806.JPG

Plus you can see the color I chose for my manicure!

I started a paper Gratitude Journal that I try to write in every night. It provides such a positive end to my day. Annie gave me this journal for my birthday. She’s the best! IMG_2804.JPG

Gratitude doesn’t only happen on Fridays

Running helps reduce my anxiety. I love it so much. It’s even better with a friend. IMG_2809.JPG

Stolen from Oksana

There are more exciting changes happening: Andy and I looked at an apartment this weekend! We are moving in together! This change is not necessarily one that gives me anxiety, but it is still a change. We are still debating that apartment; it was in gorgeous location, but there are some drawbacks. The place is in the city, which is not necessarily what we wanted… but it’s in a lovely part of the city. LOVELY, I tell you. However, we are going to make the trek out to the burbs and look at some more places. We’ve gotta see it all before making a decision! I’m a fair weather Blackhawks fan.  I always get so excited to watch hockey when the Hawks are doing well. Andy and I go to a bar and watch them practically every weekend now! It’s always so much fun to watch with a big crowd. Maybe I’ll devote myself to watching the games more next year before they go to the playoffs 🙂 I saw my friend, Brittany, after months!!!!! Brittany’s one of my college BFFs who lives in the south suburbs. We both worked tons of hours this year and had trouble making plans, but we made it happen on Tuesday night. Friend time definitely counts as self care 🙂 I ordered a Blue Moon and the bar we went to gave me a free cup and a koozy for doing so! T’was a great life choice. IMG_2790.JPGAnnie, Britta, and I went to the Pita Inn grand opening last week. It was sooooo cool and happened on Annie’s actual birthday. We typically celebrate our birthdays together since the dates are close. If anyone in the north suburbs is reading, you know Pita Inn is the greatest Mediterranean food in the area 🙂 IMG_2797.JPG


Free baklava for the win!

Also, just for a laugh, this is the photo that inspired a post about my current life:


For all this fear of change, I have certainly changed a lot over the years. I was a super weirdo my freshman year of college and kind of a fake hippie 😛 I grew my hair out ridiculously long and planned to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Right when I was going to cut it, I discovered I had head lice for the first time in my life. It took a month for me to get rid of it. Maybe I was using the shampoo incorrectly, HAHA! Sooo, that is not only a picture of me with a hula hoop and long hair, but it’s also a photo of me with head lice.

Through all of life’s twists and turns, I’m really happy with how things are going and how they have gone. It’s really important for me to remember that 🙂

Did you make questionable fashion choices back in the day?

Have you ever gone through tons of changes all at once?