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Workout Wednesday: Week 5 of 10k Training

This was definitely my “worst” week of training… and it wasn’t too bad! I skipped my long run altogether and never truly made up for it. Today I plan to run 6 miles instead of the planned 4 miles to sort of make up for it. My only real reason for skipping the run was because of how cold, windy, and rainy it’s been in Chicago. I have zero motivation to get outside when it’s below 60* … I can be a real baby about crappy (or even just slightly crappy) weather. I refuse to shame myself too much over skipping the run because I’ve been doing pretty great with my workouts – I’ve made up for my other skipped long run on a Monday and have hardly skipped any other workouts. IMG_2746.JPG Anyway, now that it’s June, marathon training has been at the forefront of my mind. My training plan for this 10k race overlaps a bit with marathon training, which is totally OK! I plan to use (my own modified version of) Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan, which is what I did for my first marathon and it worked great. The first 2 weeks have 6 and 7 mile long runs. Sounds perfect because, as you all know, a 10k race is 6.2 miles 🙂 Sadly, I won’t get much of a break between 10k and marathon training, but I think that is good for me! An object in motion stays in motion, right? Last Week’s Workouts Monday: Rest Tuesday: 1 hour of yoga Wednesday: 4 miles with Oksana Thursday: 35 minute tempo (was supposed to be 45 minutes, but cut it short. Meh.) Friday: Rest – it was my birthday! HA! Saturday: Rest Sunday: Rest again 😛 Clearly, I got lots of rest last week. Nothing wrong with that on my birthday weekend! Where do you get your training plans? Do you like to run on your bday or take the day off? – I usually like to run, but I had a long day at work on my bday and was EXHAUSTED