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Memorial Day Weekend

Good morning! Happy Memorial Day! If you didn’t catch my post yesterday, I’m running a Spartan Race entry giveaway that goes until 05/28 at 12am CST! Just wanted to stop by and say hello today even though most of you are probably enjoying a barbecue or other non-blog-reading activities 🙂 My cousin, Kat, is in town from Boston, so we’ve had a lovely family weekend. okskatmel

Old pic of Oksana, Kat, and your’s truly

I’ve learned some valuable lessons this weekend, particularly that soy milk is free at Starbucks as long as it’s not steamed. Clearly I have missed out for many years. I used to get 2% milk in my iced coffee to avoid spending an extra $0.60. Now I know better. The soy milk tastes WAY more delicious. Just a little tip for those who were also unaware of this 😉 IMG_1692.JPGAnother exciting thing that happened this weekend was my family’s annual Plant Swap! My aunt is waaaaayyy interested in gardening and has hosted the Plant Swap for several years. The idea is that you bring different kinds of plants and trade with the other attendees. Pretty cool, right? The Swap has become so popular that it moved from her backyard to a local church’s parking lot. I now have a tiny vegetable garden growing at my parents’ house. Sadly, I don’t have the space to garden at my apartment, but I’m still excited to grow some veggies “remotely.” IMG_2738.JPGIt’s been a relaxing and productive weekend so far! I finished my 5k time trial as part of my 10k training plan yesterday! It was way faster than expected (27:13). My running routine is pretty solid at this point. I haven’t missed many workouts this training cycle! GOLD STAR for me! I also completed one of my last grad school assignments EVER. Cutting this post short because I’m writing this on Sunday night and none of us have to work tomorrow. Party time! What are you up to this holiday weekend?!