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Workout Wednesday: Week 3 of 10k Training

Another week of 10k training is complete! I feel good about this one because I managed to squeeze in all of my runs. However, I cheated because I did my long run (6 miles) on Monday instead of Sunday. This time, I’ll give myself a pass. I had some major stomach issues on Sunday and couldn’t even think about running. I’m just proud that I did the run at all 🙂 The most exciting news is that I finally got new shoes. I had a 20% off coupon for Sports Authority, which meant that I obviously had to go there for my Asics. I also finally bought a new pair of Yurbuds – that coupon saved me $5 on them 😀 According to my Timehop app, the last time I bought new shoes was exactly one year ago. I recently started experiencing some shin pain and I’m pretty sure that was due to my old shoes. I now plan to wear the Asics I just purchased until August or September and then buy another new pair of shoes to carry me through the rest of marathon training and through the race itself. That’s what I did last time and it worked great! IMG_2732.JPG

The new shoes are my favorite color 🙂

Before I tell you all about my workouts from last week, I have some news from a couple different races! First, the awesome people at Spartan Race informed me of a discount code, MEMORIAL, that will save you up to $40 off registration!!! spartanmemorialI was also contacted by the Chicago Double race, which will take place on June 14th in Villa Park! I will most likely be there – who wants to join me?!? The Double is super cool because you get to run two races in one day. It’s either a 15k or a 8k. For the 15k, you run a 10k, take a break, and then run a 5k. For the 8k, you run a 5k, take a break, and then run a 3k. I just think the Double sounds sooooo neat and seems like it will be a very unique experience. Register HERE! Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 1 hour of yoga Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: 3 miles Thursday: 40 minute tempo Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: Elliptical instead of the long run (6 miles) due to feeling sick. Completed the long run the next day, though! This wasn’t my best week as far as running goes, but I definitely still feel OK about it. Sure, I missed the long run again, but I got it done later. That’s all I can ask for 🙂 Do you think you’ll run the Double with me?!  How often do you buy new running shoes?