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A Shower and the Tower Triathlon

This weekend was a special one! My cousin, Rachel, was in town for her bridal shower. Rachael lived in Minnesota for as long as I can remember – ever since she started college. She grew up in the Chicagoland area, though, so Rachel’s shower was held here! Specifically, we went to Maggiano’s, which meant DELICIOUS Italian food 🙂 IMG_2673.JPG

John and Rachel – getting married after being together for 7 years and knowing each other for 10 years! WHOA.

The only people who attended the shower that I had seen within the last 10-15 years were Oksana, my mom, and Rachel. HA! My uncle and Rachel’s mom have been divorced for a long time, so seeing Rachel’s other side of the family was pretty neat. People were like “how are you already 26? How is Oksana already in college?” Time really does fly! IMG_2671.JPG

Oksana, Rachel, and me 🙂

Fun fact: Oksana is doing the hair and makeup at the wedding! Hopefully she’ll have time to do mine. Another fun fact: I wore that dress 2 weeks ago to a Kentucky Derby Party, but it was with different people and no pictures were taken. That means it’s socially acceptable to re-wear the same outfit, right? I’ll probably buy something new for the wedding, though!

The food was ridiculously good. My favorite part was the dessert bar at the end. The mimosas weren’t bad either!


Chocolate chip cookie and cheesecake. Can’t go wrong with those.


Rachel opening gifts! My mom and I sent our gift to Rachel’s house in MN. We got her plates and cups!

It wouldn’t be a family weekend without a little racing! The next day, my uncle and Rachel completed the Leaning Tower YMCA Triathlon. My uncle has been running/triathlon-ing for YEARS and Rachel finished an Ironman last year. Obviously badassery runs in the family. Both Rachel and Uncle Doug kicked butt at the race yesterday! It was a great ending to Rachel’s bridal shower weekend 🙂


The Leaning Tower YMCA literally has its own leaning tower.

I can’t wait to see Rachel again, but it won’t be until her wedding weekend – IN MINNESOTA! It’s going to be an amazing road trip 😀 Can’t even wait!

What’s your favorite dessert? – Mine is probably ice cream

Are you attending any weddings this year? If so, where?