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Gratitude Friday: Rediscovering Myself Edition

GratitudeFriday I put “rediscovering myself” as part of this post’s title because I feel like that is exactly what I’ve been doing since leaving my job for a new one just over a month ago. This has been the worst year of my adult life, no doubt. Not to be a Debbie Downer; I’m just keeping it real. Two of my very close family members were hospitalized for serious issues, my beloved cat, Molly, passed away, someone broke into my car, and in general I’ve just had crappy luck. This year has been made even more difficult by the fact that I’ve been working ALL the time – between classes, a part-time job, and a part-time (unpaid…) internship, I had practically NO TIME to process the events of my year. So, when I unexpectedly was offered an awesome job opportunity that came with actual days off, I decided that I need to take advantage of my free time. I’m grateful for books. Reading is one of those things I put in the “Things I Enjoyed Doing Before Grad School” category. I feel so lucky to have my library card and have time to read now <3 I’m grateful for endorphins. I’m typing this on Thursday night after going to the gym. My tempo run was so wonderful that I’m now experiencing my first runner’s high in a long while. DAMN it feels good to be a runner. I’m grateful for my clients. They inspire me more than they could ever know. I learn so much from them and feel so lucky to be a part of their journeys. I’m grateful for my internship. Do I say this every week or what? I have to leave there in July and that makes me RIDICULOUSLY SAD. I was so nervous about becoming an intern and now I’m having separation anxiety. My supervisor is just so great and I’m going to miss working with my clients. I’m grateful that my first internship dropped me. THERE, I said it. I originally selected a different internship. The woman who was supposed to be my supervisor quit and I was dropped. I panicked for days until I lined up the internship I have, which turned out to be a WAY better fit for me anyway. Funny how things work out, right? 20140515-161941.jpg

I took this photo on my way back from my final interview with my current internship, almost exactly one year ago. It was the beginning of something amazing!

I’m grateful that my family is getting together this weekend. First up is my cousin’s bridal shower at a super fancy place on Saturday. SO PSYCHED for all of Rachel’s wedding-related festivities this summer 😀 Next, Rachel and my uncle (her dad) are doing a sprint triathlon together on Sunday! Can’t wait to cheer them on!

I’m grateful that Oksana is home for the summer because she does my hair/makeup, is my gym buddy, Starbucks buddy, and blogging buddy 🙂


Oksana can do pretty fancy things to hair!

I’m grateful that my other cousin, Kat, is visiting from Boston over Memorial Day weekend! We always have so much fun when Kat is in town 😀


Kat and me on my 22nd birthday. Almost 5 years ago. WHAT THE HECK? We dressed up as Sex and the City characters because the second movie came out on my birthday, ha.

I’m grateful for Andy. He puts up with a lot of my anxiety/grad school stress. Having such an understanding boyfriend has been great through this grad school experience. I hope the next chapter of our relationship will involve less anxiety on my part!

I’m grateful for reminders that I don’t have to be perfect.


I’m grateful that my parents are helping me purchase something pretty expensive/pretty amazing in honor of my graduation and birthday (how convenient that both events fall so closely together, right?!) It’s going to be A NEW COMPUTER. I’m pretty set on the MacBook Air, but can’t decide if I want the 11 or 13 inch #firstworldproblems

Does anyone have insight about the ideal MacBook Air size?

How many cousins do you have? – I have 4 on my dad’s side and about 1,000 on my mom’s side, ha! Big Italian families for the win.