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Workout Wednesday: Week 2 of 10k Training

Welcome to another installment of Workout Wednesday! I’m slightly upset with myself this week because I missed my 5 mile run. Due to skipping that run, I want to talk about priorities. Most of this school year has been a struggle for me because of a hectic schedule. In fact, ever since starting grad school, my running routine has gone on the back burner. And that’s OK; my rigorous schedule was completely worth it! I now have ZERO student loan debt from my grad program and landed myself a new job! Awesome, right? Now that school is winding down, I’m ready to run my second marathon and really prepare for it through this 10k training plan. However, I also want to really enjoy this extra time in my life. That’s what I did instead of running those 5 miles, which I still kind of regret. At the same time, my thought is that running will always be there for me. I don’t think missing one little run will ruin my 10k race; I’ve skipped plenty of runs in past training plans and PRed anyway! The Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon last year is the perfect example of an unplanned PR 🙂 20140620-092356-33836520.jpg

Rock n’ Sole 2014 with Jennifer and Sara!

My greatest desire is to have a life, a job, and stick mostly to my running schedule. I think I’ve been doing a pretty swell job so far – 5 miles or no 5 miles. Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 1 hour of yoga. Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: 3 mile run Thursday: 8 x 400s Friday: Rest Saturday: Too much fun at Headquarters Beercade with Andy and his coworkers and too much Hell or High Watermelon.

hellorhighwatermelonMy new favorite beer (source)

Sunday: Not feeling my best (mostly due to staying out so late rather than because of the beer LOL), so instead of running 5 miles, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. At least it was something 🙂

Then I spent some time with this cutie, Kelly the Sheltie, for the rest of the day….

IMG_2631.JPG… and my mom, too 😉 It was Mother’s Day!

So, I regret skipping the 5 miles, but I know it’s not the end of the world. Having fun at the bar and drinking delish beer was worth it!

How do you balance a fun weekend and getting your long run done?

Have you ever tried watermelon beer?!?