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Workout Wednesday: Week 1 of 10k Training

Happy Wednesday, everybody! This week, I’m going for three posts like the old days 🙂 My new job is starting off slowly, so I only work there 2 days/week and then 2 days/week at my internship. This means I can focus a bit more on Mel’s Miles until I start working full-time in August. Can you believe it? I’m in heaven. Sadly, one of the days I work is Saturday. I’m used to working Saturdays, though, so it’s not too big of a deal. Anyway, nothing motivates me to run more than being held accountable, so the obvious choice was to return to writing Workout Wednesday posts. Now I have to report about my workouts or lack thereof to all of you guys. To refresh your (and my) memory, my goal is to run 3 times per week and squeeze in at least one bonus workout, like yoga or some other form of cardio. I’m training for a 10k race on June 21st and will run the Chicago Marathon in October! My training plan for the 10k was described in this post. My first week of training is COMPLETE. Here’s what I did: Monday (04/27): 30 minute tempo run IMG_2587.JPG   I’m still working on improving speed! This has been a really hard year and I lost a lot of my fitness due to not having as much time to run. It’s great that I’m doing a 10k training plan before the marathon training plan. My theory is that I’ll be so overwhelmed by the distance aspect of marathon training that the speed aspect of training will just not be a priority. This 10k training will allow me to focus on speed before focusing on running all the miles 🙂 Tuesday (04/28): Rest Wednesday (04/29): 3 mile run IMG_2596.JPG Thursday (04/30): Rest Friday (05/01): Rest Saturday (05/02): Rest again, HA. Sunday (05/03): 4 mile long run IMG_2612.JPG

Finally running outside more regularly!

My 4 miler was pretty darn slow, but I enjoyed my time outside immensely. Afterwards, I was ravenous. I’m not quite used to this running schedule yet. My hunger has been out of control for “just” 3 or 4 mile runs. Hopefully I’ll get used to going back to my old athletic ways soon, haha! Otherwise I’ll break the bank with eating a ton. Luckily, it was Frappuccino Happy Hour on Sunday at Starbucks.


The best way to refuel. Caramel frappuccinos are my jam – especially when I drink them with a good book and Andy by my side <3

There you have it: THREE runs. I didn’t complete a bonus workout, but the most important part (to me) is getting the runs done. Next week, I plan to attend yoga as my bonus workout in addition to completing all 3 runs.

Which Frappuccino is your favorite?

What is your favorite workout aside from running?