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10k Training + Exciting News!

It’s Friday, but I want to switch things up for once! Instead of Gratitude Friday, I want to talk about my upcoming running plans, for which I am also incredibly grateful :). This week has been a constant reminder of how lucky I am, and a big part of that is because I’m a runner! For the first time in a long time, I feel truly psyched about running! Among all the life changes I recently made, running has remained a constant. My mental health has truly benefited from running regularly. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m running a 10k at the end of June! It would be AWESOME to PR, and I think it’s possible. My current PR is 55:08, which is an 8:53 pace – definitely not out of reach as long as I stick with my training plan. Speaking of training plans, I created my 10k training plan on Wednesday! It is based on Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 10k plan. I can only mentally and physically manage 3 runs/week rather than the 5 he suggests, so I cut out 2 of the runs. This is pretty much how I train for all my races; I’m aware that this style works for me. Similar to my Shamrock Shuffle training, I made a flexible plan. As long as I get the runs done, I’ll be happy. 10KTrainingI like this training plan because it prepares me for and leads up to my CHICAGO MARATHON training plan perfectly. That’s right, if you didn’t see my Instagram post about the marathon, I am running it this year. The last (and only) time I ran the marathon was in 2012 and it was one of the best days of my LIFE. chicagomarathon

Perhaps my most overused photo on the internet, and I never even purchased it…

After 3 long years in grad school, I’ve decided to give myself the gift of my second marathon. Instead of writing papers or going to class at night, I am going to RUN! And I am going to write about my training here!!

I’m looking for a half marathon in July or August. Currently, I’m considering the Rock n’ Roll Chicago even though the price has already increased. Rock n’ Roll was my first half, so I will always love that race 🙂

Does anyone have a half marathon they’d recommend for me in Chicagoland?

How many days per week do you run? – I can only do 3 or else I get injured/burned out