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Gratitude Friday: Adapting to my New Life Edition

Hey, guys! Remember me? I fell off the edge of the Earth for a little while; the end of my semester plus starting a new job will do that, I suppose. Overall, things are going well. I finally see my first clients at the new job today. Cross your fingers and toes for me! I had my final classes for the semester on Monday and Wednesday. I only have my one last semester of internship class over the summer. We actually start next week and go through June. I will be done with school completely much earlier than expected. Now there’s a wonderful thing to be grateful for! I’m grateful for my recent personal and professional growth. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies around here; I mentioned many times that change is hard for me. I have dealt with anxiety since I was a kid, which is partially why I entered the counseling field. However, I am aware that in order to grow, change is 100% necessary. I had matured as much as I wanted to in my banking career and am happy to have made this move into my new field much earlier than expected. Though, I must say that it isn’t easy. “Easy” doesn’t facilitate growth, though, does it?

IMG_2259.JPGMy aunt posted this to my/my cousins’ Facebooks and I can’t get over how true it is.

I’m grateful for my previous work experience. Banking will always be a part of me, as I wrote about in my last Gratitude Friday. I wake up every day now and have to remind myself of where I’m going. I’m just that used to my old job. I was so lucky to have had a job I looked forward to going to. I hope the same will hold true in my new field. I hope my coworkers are as amazing as my old ones and give me a tower of PB cups on special occasions 😉


I’m grateful that I’m a therapist. Some days I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe I have such a cool job. I can’t believe I can meet people and tell them “I’m a therapist” when they ask me what I do for work. My anxiety is so high about this change to a new career because I really care about it. I want to be an awesome therapist for the benefit of the clients I serve. So far, I have been successful in working with my internship clients. The new job will hopefully be the same.

I’m grateful for exercise. I have been practicing yoga like crazy the last few weeks and am starting to up my running game again. My running hasn’t really been a priority since the Shamrock Shuffle, but I’m slowly getting back into it. Exercise makes me so happy and I absolutely love going to the gym. It’s great to make new friends there and be motivated by other people working out. I’m running a 10k at the beginning of June and am working on a training plan. Workout Wednesday will make a comeback for sure – especially with marathon training right around the corner 😀


I’m grateful that I found my headphones. Funny story… I lost my headphones last week and spent DAYS looking for them. I figured they’d turn up and I didn’t want to buy new ones until I was sure they were missing. Well, I found them run over in the street by my apartment. I guess I dropped them… At least now I know where they went! Too bad they’re Yurbuds and cost me $30 last year… The bright side is that they’re now around $20!

IMG_2553.JPGDo you see them? So sad.

I’m grateful that school is OVER – mostly for the benefit of this little blog. Yes, I still have that little internship class left, but the vast majority of my work is done done done. The class I took on Monday nights involved a heavy workload. I hope to use the extra time on this blog now that the Spring semester is over. Yes, you heard me, I want to work harder on Mel’s Miles. This site deserves regular updates again. I want to meticulously document my marathon training (and pre-training, AKA 10k training). I want to be grateful EVERY single Friday. I want to write. I love writing. I love documenting my life. I want to inspire myself and others to lead a positive and healthy life.

I’m grateful for this:

IMG_2559.JPGForget the haters, just live your life! That’s what I’m trying to do 🙂

What are your weekend plans?

What’s your favorite chocolate? – mine is obviously Reese’s.