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Gratitude Friday: Monday Edition

I wrote this post for Friday, but it didn’t go up properly. I’m not about to have my work go unpublished, so here’s Gratitude Friday on a Monday!

I’m grateful for racing! As you know, I raced the Shamrock Shuffle 8k last weekend! I didn’t PR, but I feel really good about finishing at a comfortably hard 45:55. The race was so much fun and made me REALLY stoked for the marathon this fall, which starts/finishes in the same place as the Shuffle.

I’m grateful to have friends and family who train and race with me! My BFF, Britta, and I plan to run a 10k in June! I used to do that particular 10k regularly, but it always fell on weekends when I was busy. Can’t wait to be back this year.  

Britta and me at the Turkey Trot we did together this past Thanksgiving

Oksana is also coming back from college soon, so we can start running together! Wahoo!

I’m grateful that I got to have an awesome cat like Molly for 14 years! I’ll never forget that little furball <3



I’m grateful for every day that I’m healthy and happy. As a therapist, I’ve seen many different cases this year. Some people have such hard situations that they were born into. I acknowledge now that I am so lucky to have the opportunities I have; there’s a lot I’ve taken for granted. Plus I am so healthy and have no idea what it’s like to have any sort of chronic illness. 

I’m grateful that graduation is just around the corner! I finish classes in JUNE! My official graduation is in August, but… Wow… I’m almost done. It feels so good to have worked so hard towards something and knowing that the hardest parts of it are FINISHED. 

I’m grateful that it’s Easter weekend! Andy and I are going to his cousin’s place on the South side to celebrate. There will be bright colors and mimosas. Easter is my favorite holiday because I’m a big fan of bunnies and spring 🙂

I’m grateful that Andy and I are competing on Fitbit. It’s Thursday night and I’m blogging from the elliptical. That wouldn’t be happening without our fitbit competition!

I’m grateful for my trusty little car. It hit 30,000 miles this week; I bought it brand new back in 2011. We’ve come a long way!


I was in a parking lot, which is why the seatbelt light is on

I’m grateful for yoga. I truly think of yoga as an hour-long gift of peace for myself each week. I really want to do that 40 Days to a Personal Revolution challenge someday! I probably will following my marathon 😀



I’m grateful that I went to the dentist yesterday and had no cavities! Yayyyy!

What did you do this weekend?