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Gratitude Friday: Marching Forward Edition

See what I did there with the title? 😉

This is probably my most stressful month of grad school EVER. I have about a million things on my plate, including a super scary presentation. I’ve had more emotional breakdowns this semester than in my other 2.5 years of grad school combined. Despite this, I am feeling positive today. I feel grateful. I feel like I can do this thing called “finishing grad school,” even if it’s difficult. If it were easy, then everyone would do it. Right?

I’m grateful for the work I do. I dreamed of being a therapist starting in high school. I’m a people person. I love talking to people, thinking about why people are the way they are, and talking things through with them. Today, I’m finally working as a therapist, and I love it. I love seeing my clients grow. I love how much I’ve grown since starting my internship in September. 

I’m grateful for Andy’s patience with me. He has put up with a lot of my crap this semester. I probably broke my New Years resolution to be kind despite my stress multiple times by being snappy to him. I owe him a date night or something 🙂 

I’m grateful that it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend. This is my year to get green beer! All of my other attempts failed. Non-green beer is such a disappointment, but it’s all I seem to get when when bars advertise it on St. Patrick’s Day. 

I’m grateful for my family. I probably say this every week, but my family has been through a lot this month with one of us in the hospital. Spending extra time with them reminded me that these are my people, despite whatever differences we’ve all shared over the years. Being together for Rachel’s wedding this summer will be amazing 🙂

I’m grateful for running. Perhaps I’m not running as much as my training plan tells me to, but I’m running about as much as I can with my schedule. It feels so good. My anxiety is about 5 times lower with running – especially on days when I do tempo or interval runs. 

I’m grateful for all that I have. My apartment is being worked on next week and I had to clean out part of it. One part was a closet. Let me just tell you that I’m a hoarder. Sort of. Not like the ones you see on TV. I have two full bags of old clothes and recycled/threw away a ton of other stuff. It’s amazing what I found on the floor of my closet… I am lucky, I suppose, to have what I have. Even though it’s made cleaning out my closet (haha, Eminem) challenging.

I’m grateful for this amazing weather! It’s been in the 40s and 50s here in Chicago lately. My office looks out to a huge patch of grass at my Thursday  internship site, and I couldn’t stop staring at it yesterday. That area was all snow for months! I LOVE GREEN GRASS!

I’m grateful that summer is coming! This year has probably been one of the most stressful of my life. And it’s almost over. And summer is coming! And good things are already happening! 

I’m grateful to (depending on the lottery) be running the Chicago Marathon this fall! This is so exciting. I can’t wait to start training. Can’t. Wait.

How has the weather been in your town?

What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day!?