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Monday Randomness

Today I feel the need to break away from from my Workout Wednesday and Gratitude Friday structure and just be random! I mean, my life is structured enough already. Mel’s Miles is my space and I want to have a little fun with it sometimes 🙂 Let’s see… what have I been up to lately? Well, I recently reloaded my Starbucks card and have been drinking my weight in iced coffee. The price went up at least 40 cents, so I’m not too pleased, but this hasn’t stopped me from drinking them. IMG_2384.JPGI also have been wearing my glasses when working on a computer – even on days when I believe that I can see. I still have yet to see an eye doctor, but my old glasses have helped me so much already. Yay for that! Andy’s mom bought me a new pair of memory foam slippers! I love them! IMG_2390.JPGAndy came over to Chicago this weekend, as he does most weekends (or I go to his place). He went to hang out with an old friend on Saturday night. This gave me the chance to do at-home manicures with Oksana, who is back this week for Spring break! Wahoo! It felt really good to spend time with Oksana 😀 I discovered that I own about 4 different shades of mint green nail polish. It’s my favorite color – different shades are necessary! Andy and I are trying to plan a road trip to my other cousin, Rachel’s, wedding in Minnesota this summer. The resort where her wedding is being held costs $300/night and has a 2 night minimum. Obviously, we don’t want to pay $600 just for 2 days. At this point, we are looking into cheaper hotels. I still want to do the week-long road trip to the wedding, but it will be quite the financial strain. I keep thinking, though, that we only live once. My tax refund was pretty nice and I put almost all of it in my savings account. Maybe I can use that? I mean, I’ve never really traveled through that area. Rachel’s wedding is about 12 hours from Chicago and I know there will be so much to explore on our way! IMG_2393.JPG   My landlords are doing some work on the building and I need to be out of my apartment for a full day/night next week. Luckily, my parents live 20 minutes away and I can stay with them. The real kicker about this issue is that I need to clean out an entire room and a closet in my place. On one hand, I really don’t feel like doing that. On the other hand, I plan to move in the fall and REALLY need to get rid of things. I guess I’m going to do some cleaning this week. I don’t know when that can happen as I am incredibly busy… Lastly, Chicago is getting WARM again! It was near 40* all weekend. I even ventured outside to run!! It wasn’t cold at all, but the paths were still a little icy. I had to walk several times, but it was 100% worth the effort <3 IMG_2399.JPG   Tell me something random about your life right now!