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Workout Wednesday 02/23-03/01

Last week was a busy one and I didn’t have too many chances to exercise. It all started with a “bonus workout” on Monday at my uncle’s yoga class. I was certain that I’d be able to squeeze in 3 runs on other days, but I only managed to complete 2 of them. That’s life, right? Gotta do what I can, when I can 🙂

I met with my advisor on Monday to get my graduation paperwork signed (AHHH!!!). We hadn’t met in over a year, so she asked me how internship has been going and what I’ve been doing for self-care. When I told her my schedule and that a running plan was part of what I’m doing to take care of myself, she said “that sounds like too much.” This was in regards to the running. 

Now, as a therapist in training, I don’t want to say that running is therapy. It’s not. However, running can be a good addition to therapy. I sadly don’t have much time to see a therapist now, so running has been a good way to deal with my anxiety. This is especially true because I can run with friends and talk things out. Plus, seeing my uncle at yoga is like family time and exercise time all in one relaxing package! Running takes up time, but for me it’s time well spent 🙂

Flashback to Shamrock Shuffle 2012 with Uncle D!

Last week’s workouts

Monday: 1 hour of yoga <3

Tuesday: 5x400s followed by lots of stretching

Wednesday-Saturday: Nothing.. I had some beer 😉

Sunday: 4 super slow miles. My stomach really hurt, so I had to walk a ton. I mean it… A TON (see photo below). Still proud of getting it done, though! It helped that I had a 49 minute lecture to watch on my iPad for a class I take on Mondays.

Who else thinks it’s worth it to squeeze running into a busy schedule?

What is your best self-care tip?