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Gratitude Friday: Self-Care Edition

As a counselor in training, as you’d expect, we talk a heck of a lot in school about taking care of others. What might surprise you is that we also talk a lot about taking care of ourselves. It seems like common knowledge, but…It’s not. Not for me, anyway. I’m accustomed to running myself into the ground. I’ve worked myself silly over the last couple of months, staring at a computer screen working or doing homework 7 days/week. I developed an eye strain, caught another cold last Sunday, and had a nervous breakdown that caused Andy to clean my kitchen and bring me flowers. Cute, but shouldn’t have been necessary 😛

(null) I guess this is what I was so nervously anticipating all last summer. It’s been hard for me to manage my time. I have dreams of PRing the Shamrock Shuffle, but my illness last week prevented me from doing any hard workouts. Anyway, my point is that taking time out for myself is a non-negotiable. I’m grateful to have learned the lesson that it is simply not healthy to work all the time. To begin my journey towards a healthier life, I had dinner with friends on Wednesday night and enjoyed a gym session on Thursday night. Both were lovely. I’m grateful to have Andy in my life. Our Valentine’s Day weekend was perfect. However, many days feel like Valentine’s Day when I’m with Andy 🙂 I’m grateful for a sweaty run after a long day. I really felt the endorphins last night and can’t wait to experience that again the next time I work out! I’m grateful for tax refunds! Most of mine will go into savings, but I’d like to take myself shopping too. I deserve a little something, right? I’m grateful for my heated blanket. it’s COLD outside in Chicago! I wore two pairs of pants yesterday because this was the weather:

(null) I’m grateful for green tea with honey. This is my drink of choice lately. So many antioxidants! Plus, it’s great to drink a hot beverage when the weather is so nasty. I’m grateful for SNL 40. The history of SNL fascinates me and I’ve been reading articles about the early years since watching the special. I particularly enjoyed this one. I’m grateful for my dad. Not only did he introduce me to SNL (at perhaps an inappropriately young age, lol), but it’s also his birthday today!! Woo! I’m grateful that I finally registered for the Shamrock Shuffle! Bring it on, baby! I’m feeling more motivated than ever for training!

(null) What are you grateful for this week? What is your favorite tea?