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Valentine’s Day Weekend 2015

It’s a 3 day weekend over here, but I still have school this afternoon. So it’s not really a 3 day weekend for me, ha! Still nice to have most of the day free 🙂 Exactly one year ago today, I had my first interview with my internship. I remember because it was on Presidents’ Day! I can’t believe that was a whole year ago. Time flies! Did anyone else watch SNL 40 last night? I am a HUGE Molly Shannon fan, so seeing her on SNL again made me so happy. I also love Gilda and read her autobiography no less than 3 times. I used to dream about being a cast member 🙂 mollypic

That time Britta and I met Molly and she said “you guys are funny!” Best. Day. Ever.

Andy and I had a marvelous Valentine’s Day weekend. I love that Vday was on a Saturday this year! Andy got me some lovely flowers and surprised me with dinner out at Zia’s. We also exchanged gifts when we got home. I am now the owner of a fluffy robe! I was using a really old one and Andy noticed I could use an upgrade, haha. IMG_2348.JPG We kept the rest of the weekend low-key. Andy had a cold and I had tons of homework to do. It was fun, though, because we made omelettes 🙂 We also went to Corner Bakery. Their spinach salad is pretty amazing! I’ll need to recreate it at home. IMG_2350.JPG

Sorry my plates are super weird. They came with my apartment…

I truly love holidays. Tradition is such an important part of life, in my opinion, and I definitely saw how beneficial that was to my personal happiness and to the happiness of others this week. We had donuts and candy at work all week… even my Starbucks cup was festive! The barista added 2 extra shots to my caramel macchiato for free! I have so much energy that I’m not sure I needed a double shot, but oh well 🙂


Random thought of the day:


Who else loves tradition!?

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?