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Snowed In & Spartan Race Winner!

Greetings from my snowed in apartment! (null) I clearly live in the basement as the snow actually comes up to the windows. They don’t call it #chiberia for nothing 😉 I had plans to go out yesterday, but I figured it would be too dangerous. Andy went up to Milwaukee for a Super Bowl party (and made it home safely, thank goodness!), but I decided to stay back and get a paper done. My work is canceled until 12pm today (I’m starting to think they might cancel it altogether now, though) and I’m getting a little stir crazy! I’m not used to so much time to just be. Not complaining at all, but this is definitely new and different! (null)Luckily, Andy and I were able to enjoy decent weather on Saturday. We went grocery shopping, ice skating, and went to see a movie! It had been ages since the last time I saw a movie. I fell asleep around 9pm on Saturday night because… I was exhausted. My life is so full and will continue on in this fashion until the end of April. By May, I’ll have a little more room to breathe 🙂 At least I have this snow day! Now for the SPARTAN RACE WINNER!!! The winner of my giveaway is…. Thompson! I have emailed Thompson with all the details already. For those of you who did not win, but still want to run a Spartan Race, I have a 10% off code for you: SPARTANBLOGGER Remember to download the Spartan Up! podcast – it’s definitely inspiring 🙂

Did you get a million inches of snow, too?! How was your weekend? Do you think you’ll do a Spartan Race someday?