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Workout Wednesday!

I’ve decided to implement Workout Wednesday! Kind of like Gratitude Friday, but all about my workouts from previous weeks. I will lead a super boring/stressful life for the foreseeable future, but I still want to have a blog. This is where a little ~structure~ comes into play. Writing my Gratitude Friday posts really helps because that way I get my positivity fix as well as know exactly what kind of post I need to write and when. This is a running blog. Have I talked about running much lately? NO. Clearly not.  Let’s face it, my blog needs structure in the same way that my fitness needs structure. I have some fitness goals this year, such as:

  1. Run my second marathon
  2. Sub-2 half
  3. Exercise more than 3x/week
  4. Lift weights AT LEAST 1x/week (even this would be an improvement…)
  5. Practice yoga at least 1x/week

To kickstart my efforts, I’m registering for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k again, which is to take place on March 29th! shamrock1

Shamrock Shuffling is FUN!

I will not always just recap my weekly workouts in Workout Wednesday posts, but will also discuss my running goals and other fitness-related thoughts/concerns. Next week, I plan to share my Shamrock Shuffle training plan 🙂

In the spirit of honesty, here is what I did last week (I told you that I need STRUCTURE; this is an example of a lack of structure):

Monday – Ran 1 mile – my first (running) mile of the year after being sick for weeks! – and lifted weights.

Tuesday – Nada

Wednesday – Nada

Thursday – Nada

Friday – 25 minutes on the stair machine. Cut it short because I was running late to work.

Saturday – Does lots of walking count?

Sunday – Ran 1.55 miles … working my way back up!

It is really hard for me to exercise more than 3x/week right now, but ideally I want to move up to 4x/week. Perhaps after I get this huge test over with on February 7th. I will have a lot more time on my hands once marathon training starts, so I’m not too worried about that. I am, however, worried about getting myself physically fit enough to actually start marathon training. Right now, I’m sure I could run more than a mile at a time, but after feeling like crap for weeks, I wanted to take things slow. Ideally, I’ll run a 3 miler before this week ends. The last time I ran more than 1.55 miles was on December 30th – not too long ago 🙂

Anyway, having to report pathetic weeks like this one really makes me want to kick some ass at the gym. I think getting back into working out consistently will help with my anxiety and stress. My classes/internship/work/social life do not make it easy for me to work out, but exercise NEEDS to be a priority again. With Workout Wednesday, I’ll be able to make it happen!

How are your workouts going this winter?

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