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Weekend, ANOTHER Spartan Race Giveaway, and Spartan Up! Podcast

Guess what?!  I have another Spartan Race entry giveaway for you guys! I’m at Starbucks taking a bit of a study break to write this post. Sadly, I have tons of reading to do and a big test coming up on February 7th. The test encompasses literally everything I’ve learned in grad school, so I need to buckle down and review my flashcards. Luckily, I have another free drink reward and am enjoying a green tea latte. I bribe myself with food and drinks to get things done 😉 IMG_2298.JPG Andy and I ventured out to my old stomping grounds, Naperville, for Katie’s birthday on Saturday night! I LOVE Naperville – mostly because I used to live there and have SO MANY MEMORIES in that suburb. It was extra special to be back there with Katie because that’s where we met <3 IMG_2299.JPG This weekend was a great escape from my reality, which has been über stressful these days. BUT, that is not the point of this post. What I really want to tell you guys about is SPARTAN RACE 🙂  Joe Desena, the creator of Spartan Race has a new podcast: Spartan Up! This podcast follows up the book, also called Spartan Up! In his podcast, Joe discusses various issues, such as success or training strategies, and interviews experts in the field. There is even an episode about the world’s greatest living explorer! I have been listening to Spartan Up and feel inspired to get active/make working on my fitness happen more regularly. The winter has really not helped my motivation, or lack thereof! I swear, someday I will complete a Spartan Race of my own 🙂 There is even a Spartan Cruise to the Bahamas… and I have a 50% off code for you if you’re interested in running a Spartan Race in PARADISE —> CRUISE50 One lucky reader has the opportunity to win a FREE Spartan Race entry for anywhere in the continental US. As with my last Spartan Race giveaway, the winner can only register for an open-heat with a non-confirmed start time. Entries for the giveaway will be accepted until 11:59pm CST on Sunday 02/01/2015. The winner will be randomly selected and announced in Monday morning’s post. Good luck and stay tuned for a 10% off code if you don’t win 🙂 To enter, leave a comment about why you’d like to run the Spartan Race!