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Testing My New Year’s Resolution

I am often recognized for my positive attitude, but I have a really short temper. If you don’t know me in person, you’d probably never know this about me. This is why I made the NYR to be kind no matter what.

IMG_2061.JPG Last week we found out that my mom broke another part of her back. It’s really hard for me to be only 26 and have a parent who needs my help more than I need her’s, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Aside from that, I am over my cold. Finally! I’ve been sick for the majority of this year. But, seriously, that cold sucked the life out of me. I’m an extravert through and through, but being that sick made me want to isolate myself. I’m stressed beyond belief about school. I have a scary presentation to do in March. Yes, March… but I’m already freaked out. I’m taking that extra class and, OMG, it’s so much extra work that I didn’t have to do last semester. I have all of this and more on my plate, so you can only imagine how tickled I was to find this at 6:45am:

IMG_2281.JPG I cried for my entire commute to work (after filing a police report) about this today, but now I’m over it. Nothing was stolen out of my car. Three other cars on my block were also broken into, so I’m thinking whoever it was needed money. I don’t have cash in my car or any other valuable items, so I was lucky in that respect. I am safe. My insurance has a glass deductible of $50. It’s all good. I’m grateful that I am safe. Despite everything, I will continue being kind. I’ve done an awesome job so far this year. Seriously. People have noticed that I’m not so quick to anger. I’m working on myself and will continue to do so, no matter what happens 🙂 Do you have a short temper like I do? Has your car/house/work ever been broken into?