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Gratitude Friday: New Year, New Attitude Edition

After resolving to take on a “be kind despite my stress” attitude, 2015 brought me several challenges. I had a flat tire on Christmas Eve and discovered a crack in my windshield on New Year’s Eve. I got the windshield fixed on Thursday morning, so I waved goodbye to some more dollahs. Another monetary issue is that I’m probably buying a new laptop (this is another post from my phone, yay!). If my dad can fix my old one, then I’ll hold out. My laptop has many issues, though, so it’s probably not worth paying someone else to repair it. More importantly, my mom is back in the hospital. She has pneumonia now. I have an awful cold that has gone on for over a week now, which means it’s not a good idea for me to visit her. This series of unfortunate events has somehow not affected my attitude. I feel positive; like there’s something great for me on the horizon. Being sick and having a mom who is constantly sick reminded me that I am incredibly fortunate to have good health.

IMG_2240.JPG I’m grateful for my health and health insurance! I ended up at the doctor after leaving work early on Monday. My cold was at its peak that day; there was a point where I literally couldn’t breathe. It was about 1/2 a second, but still! So scary! The nurse continuously mentioned how healthy I am (aside from being sick) as she did a physical exam. She gave me some medicines that cleared things up quite well, too. The visit was covered completely by my health insurance, which I’m so lucky to have through my work even though I’m a part-time employee. Thank goodness that I am generally healthy and that I have health insurance in case something happens. I’m grateful that I know how to save money! unexpected bills always seem to happen to me around the holidays, but I diligently save my money just in case. I’ve stretched my budget far beyond its limit and am constantly pleasantly surprised with myself 🙂 I’m grateful that Andy’s work threw such a fun holiday party! We had a blast on Saturday night and got to stay in a sweet hotel. I can’t even believe I managed to look normal in the photo below because I was getting pretty sick with my cold at that point #nofilter

IMG_2227.JPG Andy’s eye was irritated because he’s allergic to cats. I borrowed that dress from cat owners, lol! I’m grateful for remaining positive! I’ve been sick for 11 days and am dealing with some other tough things right now. It’s all going to be just fine 🙂 That’s all I have for you today. I’m sick and need to rest! What are you grateful for today? What are you up to this weekend?