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New Year Thoughts

Hey, guys! How was your New Years? I caught a cold, which made it hard to celebrate too much. Andy and I still made it to 3 parties. My drink of choice was André; the bubbles soothed my sore throat 😉
IMG_2210.JPG I like to think of each year as a new beginning, as many people do. In 2014, my only resolution was to blog. I figured that goals would be accomplished naturally if I held myself accountable on such a public forum. I started Mel’s Miles on January 1st and kept it going all year. Yesterday was this little blog’s birthday! My goal for 2015 is similar, in that it is simple. I want to be kind and be grateful. I want to worry less about small issues. This coming semester will be full of stress. I can already feel it. By June, however, it will be over forever. At least this grad school stress. Knowing that the stress is temporary really helps. I don’t want to take my stress out on others. I’m mentally preparing myself to breathe deeply and remember that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Plus, I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to learn right now. School may never happen for me again! 2014 was full of gigantic life changes. Knowing that my mom will never fully recover from her back injury hit me really hard. Being away from Andy was hard. Starting my counseling internship was hard. Cutting my pay to do the internship was hard. When my car got a flat tire on Christmas Eve and my windshield got cracked on New Year’s Eve, I realized that these are small things compared to other events of 2014. Even my laptop breaking last week is a small thing (yes, this post is coming to you from my phone again, haha). Having this obnoxious cold is a small thing!

IMG_1685.JPG To start my year out right, I am choosing to react positively to these tiny issues that occurred all at once. Sure, my pocketbook might suffer a little, but that’s nothing compared to my parent losing her ability to get around easily for the foreseeable future. Things can be fixed, more money can be earned, colds eventually go away. People are who matter. A tough 2014 gave me perspective in 2015. I will spread joy wherever I go. I will take everything in stride. I will do my best with what I have. My secondary goals are to run a marathon and find a new job after graduating 🙂 What are you hoping to accomplish this year?