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Holiday Recap

Today’s post is coming at you from my phone because my laptop refuses to charge. the charger has had trouble connecting for years. I tried 3 different chargers before I realized that it’s actually the part of the laptop where the charger plugs into that’s the issue. My laptop is almost 5 years old, so I’m probably due for an upgrade anyway. It has been having other issues as well. This is still really sad, though, because I’m not exactly rich these days. Maybe I’ll have it looked at before I buy a new computer. We will see. Anyway, I finally had the chance to sit down and write because Christmas is finally over! It’s been a wonderful time with friends and family, but I’m exhausted at this point. Andy and I traveled to Indiana for Christmas Eve with my family. It’s about a 2 hour drive and right when we were down the street from my uncle’s house, I got a flat tire! This was pretty funny because I bumped into a truck and broke my tail light last Christmas Eve in Indiana… Luckily the truck was fine and I was able to replace my tail light 🙂 It’s incredibly dark out where my uncle lives and I honestly just can’t see anything. I’m not used to that kind of driving at all; it really freaks me out. After the tire debacle was settled, I got to chill with my cousins 🙂 we each received a popcorn tin, which is the best part of Christmas! Just kidding, of course.

IMG_2145.JPG When I finally got home to my parents’ place in the north burbs, Britta, Karen, and I went to a midnight mass service. I had never been to one of those, but it was super fun and festive. I saw lots of old friends from the neighborhood there 😀 My parents and I opened presents together the next morning. It was great to spend time with them and the doggies <3 IMG_2154.JPG I got to drive my dad’s brand new car to Andy’s family’s house because he didn’t want me driving all the way there on my donut tire. My dad’s car has heated seats and all sorts of cool features. I felt like such a baller! Hahaha. I stopped at Andy’s before heading to his grandma’s house. Andy’s mom got me a heated blanket for Christmas! It’s the perfect gift for someone who is always cold, like me 🙂 Andy’s aunt made these for everyone. She must be into Pinterest!

IMG_2152.JPG I was back at work the day after Christmas, but then got to go back to Andy’s and do more holiday activities with them on Saturday. We went to Brookfield Zoo for the Holiday Magic event! It was so cool!!!


IMG_2187.JPG Andy’s older brother was in town from California. Even though I’ve dated Andy for 2 years, this was the first time I met his brother! We got to hang out on Christmas, at the zoo, and afterwards we all had dinner and played some board games. One of the games was Cards Against Humanity, which I now know is not a family-oriented game LOL. Had to learn the hard way 😛 I also did plenty of other holiday things with friends. My work’s holiday party is Friday and Andy’s is on Saturday. Plus NYE tonight! Ahhhh. I’m a definite extravert, but all of these activities are killing me haha. Stick a fork in me. I’m DONE. What are you doing for NYE? Did you get any cool Christmas gifts?