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First Christmas Party of the Year and the Ice Ribbon

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the holiday season is the best season (besides summer). After January 1st, I want nothing to do with winter, but I’m good with it for the moment. In fact, a little snow might be nice. We’ve barely had any in Chicago so far. I have quite a few holiday parties to attend this year. The first one was on Saturday night at Britta’s dad, Ken’s, store, PRO Musica in Lincoln Park. Ken is pretty much my idol because he is incredibly passionate about his work. PRO Musica is a sterio store that Ken owns. He also does recordings for famous musicians and teaches at Columbia College. Ken also throws a darn good party! Britta brought a cheese plate to the party just for me. My BFF knows me well 😉 I shared the cheese, obviously. IMG_2081.JPGThe PRO Musica party is always a good time because it’s sometimes the only opportunity I get to see certain people from my childhood. It was fun to catch up with people and see Britta! We both have been so busy that it’s been hard to hang out these days. IMG_2088.JPG  

Andy and I tried to go Christmas shopping on Sunday, but we couldn’t find an important item. This is what procrastination will do to you.

We cut our shopping short and hopped on the train to go downtown and ice skate! Andy has Amazon Prime so he can order the gift on there anyway and it should arrive by Christmas 😉

The ice skating ribbon is officially open! We couldn’t wait to skate there. Andy and I own our skates, which is so lucky because the line to rent them was LONG. We were able to lace up and start skating!

IMG_2108.JPG The ribbon was definitely not flat! I was so surprised by this; we had to work pretty hard to skate uphill, but it was really fun to skate downhill. I suppose this will keep me in shape for marathon training next year 🙂 We had to leave the ice about 20 minutes after we got on due to resurfacing. Note: resurfacing a ribbon takes much longer than resurfacing a regular ice rink. It took an hour for them to finish, so Andy and I enjoyed some Panera while we waited. We skated for another hour after resurfacing.


The new Maggie Daley Park is pretty impressive. It will have climbing walls! The playgrounds had such cool slides, too. Andy and I wanted to go on them, but we are adults and it’s probably frowned upon for us to do that, ha!

IMG_2113.JPGI’m exhausted after such a full weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

Do you know anyone with a super cool job?

How many holiday parties are you attending this year?