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2 Years with Andy!

I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. There was not much time to do anything remotely fun or relaxing last week. I took off work on Wednesday to finish up some assignments for my last class, so my “day off” wasn’t truly a day off. Andy and I had such a fabulous 2 year anniversary celebration. The weekend flew by – partially because I worked on Saturday and partially because Andy and I had so much fun. Now it’s a brand new week and I already feel like this:

IMG_1954.JPGSuch high-quality photography 😉

So, I’m sleepy, but feeling happy and #blessed <- does anyone else laugh at this hashtag?

Andy surprised me with a night full of fun activities. He told me to wear something appropriate for a nice dinner, but can also get messy. I immediately guessed that we were going to one of those wine and painting places, and I WAS RIGHT!

We had dinner at Fiorentino’s first. I ate gnocchi with marinara sauce and tons of bread. Plus red wine. It was the perfect romantic anniversary meal 🙂

IMG_1962.JPGWe then walked to Bottle & Bottega. I was SO EXCITED to paint. I actually hadn’t painted since my time volunteering in Misericordia‘s art department (my last day there was in the very beginning of September when I started my internship). Andy brought along a bottle of red wine and some snacks for us to eat (as if I didn’t already eat enough for one evening, haha) while we painted. What a great guy!


Blank canvases with the picture we were supposed to use as inspiration


Toasting our amazing 2 year relationship


With our finished paintings! Andy thinks his looks like the South Park backdrop.

One of my old friends, Mary, happened to be working at Bottle & Bottega during our class! What a coincidence. Mary helped Andy and me with our trees. She compared Andy’s tree painting skillz to those of Bob Ross 😀 We realized that it had been a year since Mary and I last saw each other. Time flies! Also, I drank WAY too much wine. Sunday morning wasn’t fun at all. Wine hangovers are the worst. Painting was a blast, though. I want to go back to Bottle & Bottega ASAP!

It’s crazy to think that Andy and I started dating exactly 2 years ago today. In some ways, life has changed immensely and 2 years feels like an eternity. In other ways, it feels like we are only just beginning. I’m glad Andy and I celebrated our time together in such a fun way!

Unrelated thought of the day: 


How long have you been with your significant other?

Have you ever been to a wine & painting place?