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Gratitude Friday: Fall Semester is OVER Edition

After finishing two papers, one of which involved transcribing a counseling session and picking apart every aspect of it, I am DONE with the practicum portion of my internship. Soon the real fun begins because I’m going to get a few more clients next semester. More counseling hours are required. Like, A LOT more. For this month, I’m taking it easy with the few clients I have left from this semester and am enjoying not having schoolwork to worry about right now. Speaking of school, I stumbled upon a Thanksgiving bullitin board as I walked to class on Wednesday evening. Gotta love the anonymous gratitude! There’s a Sharpie hanging on a string and some blank paper hands available, so people can write whatever they want and remain anonymous. Such a cute idea.

IMG_1946.JPGI’m grateful for beer too 🙂

I just really can’t believe that the semester is over. This has been such a humbling time in my life. I felt anxious, doubted myself, surprised myself in the best ways, and truly put myself out there as a beginner in the counseling field. The time flew by faster than I ever thought it would.

I’m grateful for my perseverance. Sometimes I’m really hard on myself, but I decided to accept my lack of experience in counseling. It sounds simple, but accepting the fact that I will not be even close to perfect at this point in my career was something I struggled with during practicum. I accepted every challenge that came my way – even if I wasn’t sure of how to handle it – and truly surprised myself. I kept going, despite not being perfect.

I’m grateful for this month of free time. Next semester will be rough, so I’m making it my mission to enjoy this month of zero papers to write.  Time to read all the fun/non school-related books 🙂

I’m grateful for running. Something came over me since the Flying Turkey 5k on Thanksgiving. I actually LOVE running again. I mean, I always liked it, but I feel more passionate about it now than I have since I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012. I’ve been craving runs through the park. This is odd for me these days, but I’ll take it.

IMG_1944.JPGI’m grateful that Pandora told me about Daddy Yankee’s Christmas station. What would I do without that? Daddy Yankee is my go-to running music. It reminds me of my time in Costa Rica 😀


I’m grateful that Andy and I have our TWO YEAR anniversary on Monday (December 8th!!). He has some sort of surprise planned for Saturday night. AHHH so psyched!


I’m grateful for Talenti gelato and my hot pink pajamas.


This is an Andy flavor. I prefer caramel or mint over chocolate, but I took one for the team that night and ate the fudge brownie flavor 🙂

I’m grateful for this holiday season. It’s awesome to see friends and family. Plus, I actually already managed to finish my Christmas cards!


What are you grateful for this week?

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

What kind of music do you listen to when you run?