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Gratitude Friday: Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

After nearly a year of posting my gratitude on the internet (here’s my first Gratitude Friday post!), I’ve realized that having only one day per year dedicated to giving thanks is simply not enough. I’m naturally quite neurotic, so Gratitude Friday has truly helped me remember that there is so much good in my life and in the world. Regularly practicing gratitude has helped me through many tough times. IMG_1901.JPG   I’m grateful that I practice being grateful. I now see my life in a more positive way. I’m grateful that I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Indiana. We don’t see my mom’s side of the family very often because they live relatively far away. It had been since Christmas since I last saw them! I’m grateful that I ran the Flying Turkey 5k with Britta on Thanksgiving morning. Getting in a little exercise before stuffing my face is always appreciated. IMG_1910.JPG  

We both wore too many layers! But check out our cool hats 🙂

I’m grateful for the life I live. Right now, it’s Thursday night on Thanksgiving and I’d rather spend time with my loved ones. I wanted to write a super long post, but I’ll just leave it at this.

Thank you all for reading my blog. I’m grateful for YOU! 

How did you spend Thanksgiving?

What are you grateful for this year?