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Gratitude Friday: I Love Hot Beverages (and Other Stuff) Edition

Happy Friday!! This was a truly stressful week and I can’t even believe that I produced two blog posts. Pat on the back and a gold star for me 🙂 Let’s get straight to the GRATITUDE! I’m grateful that I ran my first counseling group this week and it went well! Honestly, I adore working with people and it’s even more fun when there’s a (cooperative) group of them. I’ve been helping with the group for weeks, but now I get to do half of the talking (I have a co-leader). I’m grateful that THANKSGIVING is next week! Talk about gratitude! I’ll try to think of a special theme for Gratitude Friday next week in honor of T-gives. I’m grateful that Thanksgiving means running a turkey trot 5k with my BFF. My Timehop today was from when I did a different turkey trot 3 years ago! Time flies, I tell ya. IMG_1870.PNG I’m grateful that I do not have to bring anything to my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving. Trust me, I’m not rude and definitely offered, but there’s always a TON of food. Plus, my cooking is not very good (probably because I hate doing it in the first place). I’ll be the first to admit it 🙂 Speaking of family, I’m grateful that I found this in a Buzzfeed article: IMG_1866.PNG  

I come from a gigantic family and the reunions were always SUPER awkward when I was a kid. Most of the “cousins”  who are my age are actually third cousins or something and they lived in Michigan. Soo, we never saw each other except for once a year and they all knew each other, but didn’t know me. Anddd…. longest caption ever.

I’m grateful for tea. Lately, I’ve been on a major tea kick. All I want to do is go to Target and peruse the tea aisle. My newest flavor obsession is Spiced Chai.


This cup is one of the best impulse purchases I’ve ever made. Again, Target…

I’m also grateful for Starbucks and their fabulous offers, such as BOGO holiday beverages 😀 Have I discussed BOGO holiday beverages enough this week? Heh. IMG_1859.JPG   I’m grateful that Andy and I had such a fun time on his birthday weekend! We went to a comedy show in Schaumburg because both Oksana and Britta highly recommended Chicago Improv to me for a long time. I tried to surprise Andy, but accidentally spilled the beans… Oh well, we still had a blast 😀 IMG_1825.JPGWe also drank some beer and ate delicious food at Ram Brewery! IMG_1821.JPG   It’s been a busy week, but I’ve managed to squeeze in tons of fun and self-care. It’s so important to take out time to enjoy life and de-stress. Tea definitely helps with this 🙂 What is your favorite kind of tea? What are you doing for Thanksgiving?