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It’s Pretty Much Winter

Another week passed and I did not update. Things have been pretty busy around here. I picked up an extra shift at my part-time job last week and had a huge assignment due on Wednesday. I had a Gratitude Friday post mostly finished for last week, but it turned out to be a huge downer. Isn’t that the opposite of my goal? You see, last week, a coworker of mine passed away very suddenly. I saw him on Monday and he was gone on Tuesday. The whole thing has really thrown me for a loop and I have been feeling much more grateful than usual for my life <- my Gratitude Friday post, in a nutshell. Aside from that awful event, all of a sudden, the weather went from being in the 50s/60s to the 30s. Even though it’s not technically winter, I’m positive that fall is over. Most of my running is on the treadmill now. I’m a baby about the cold, but at least the treadmill makes me faster… I think 😉 I can tell it’s really winter because Pandora let me know that my Mariah Carey station is BACK. Thank goodness, right? My current holiday music obsession is the Pandora Nutcracker station. I skated in The Nutcracker on Ice five times and the music brings back some of my happiest childhood memories. IMG_1846.PNG I can also tell it’s winter because I had to clean off my car this morning… IMG_1847.JPG Britta and I had a “fall party” this weekend. This basically meant that we drank hot apple cider with brandy, shopped all day, and went out to dinner. We changed our minds in the middle of it and decided it was more of a “winter party.” I bought new riding boots! Now I need to find new winter boots that are actually durable (these black boots are more for fashion purposes, haha). I’ve ruined two pairs of Uggs because I walked around snowy Chicago in them. I need boots of a higher quality and lower price (if that’s even possible, haha). Am I materialistic for wanting 2 types of boots for the colder weather? I say NO 🙂 IMG_1856.JPG   I still have $40 left to spend at Macy’s and $25 left to spend at TJ Maxx. Lots of this weekend’s shopping involved my favorite thing: GIFT CARDS!! Other than that, I’ve had to listen to recordings of my counseling sessions multiple times this month. Now there’s a humbling experience! We also had Lou Malnati’s pizza catered at my internship one day, which made me sooooooo happy. It took me ages to get to Starbucks for BOGO holiday beverages (it was my goal 4 days in a row and only succeeded on my 4th try). I had to go with a peppermint mocha instead of the caramel brulee latte because they ran out. Luckily, I love peppermint! IMG_1859.JPG I’ve also been on a health kick this week – minus the sugary beverages ;). I make a point of adding veggies to my diet any chance I get. My school’s salad bar is just as good as I remembered. It had been since May that I last ate in the cafeteria. Sometimes I showcase small accomplishments on Snapchat because I’m a middle schooler: IMG_1843.JPG A random thought for you guys:  IMG_1844.JPG Thanks for reading through my ramblings today! I’m just feeling lucky to be alive, have the most wonderful friends/family/boyfriend/coworkers/classmates/blog readers, and that it’s pretty much my second favorite season (only topped by summer): THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Give me all the red cups!

What is your favorite season? Where can I get some cute and durable winter boots under $100 (ideally under $50)? What’s your favorite Pandora station?