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Gratitude Friday: A New Perspective Edition

I was in a horrible mood last Monday. My head hurt, I had 6 days of work ahead of me, the weather is starting to get cold and won’t be warm for at least another 6 months, etc etc. You may be surprised to read that I am not an inherently positive person. I tend to be more neurotic than not, but I try to combat my negative emotions with things like Gratitude Friday. It turns out that my “awful” Monday was the last day I would ever see one of my coworkers. He passed away suddenly the next day. It was a “here today, gone tomorrow” situation. He had a heart attack. None of us can believe it. I am mortified that I was such a grump that Monday. The day I found out my coworker passed away, I decided that I cannot take my life for granted anymore. I’ve been worrying away the little free time I have because I still feel so out of my element at the internship. I dread going to my part time job because I’ve worked with the company for so long and no longer feel challenged. I live for the weekends because it’s the only time I get to see Andy. Every second is a gift. So what if I’m not challenged at my job? I have awesome coworkers. So what if my internship is really hard? I’m called an “intern” for a reason! Seeing Andy less means I appreciate our time together more. All of this is temporary. LIFE is temporary. It’s time to get out and enjoy it while it lasts.