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Gratitude Friday: Things I’m Looking Forward to Edition

I got news this week that a class I planned to take in the summer is actually not offered in the summer. Now I have to take it in the spring at 4:15pm on a day I usually work until 5:30pm. I tell ya, a job, an internship, and grad classes are pretty hard to juggle. Throw in a social life and a boyfriend and… life is challenging to manage. I guess that’s the price of wanting it all. Trying to figure this out has put me into quite the funk. All I can think about is “when is this madness going to STOP?” The silver lining is that I now will only be finishing up my internship class this summer (I’ll probably be done with my actual internship 2 months earlier, in May, but the class goes through July and graduation is in August), which means that it will be easier for me to look for work or at least increase my hours at my part-time job (plus finally have time to train for another marathon!!!! More on this in future posts, though). Not making as much money is also really annoying. I’ve saved up a lot in preparation for this internship year, but it does not feel good to start digging into the money I worked hard for over the years. Wishing the time away is very silly. While my schedule is out of control, I have still really enjoyed my internship experience so far. My clients are a joy to work with – seriously, getting to talk with people about their lives and goals is a dream come true for me. I love it. I am learning a lot. None of this is easy, though. I am full of self-doubt and anxiety. I miss my old schedule from last year. I miss having time to volunteer. I keep having to remind myself that I’ll never get to be an intern again. I will probably never have an opportunity to learn like this again; I have so much support at school and at the actual internship site. I don’t HAVE TO do this; I GET TO do this. I’m grateful for this opportunity to grow. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me in person that I have grown out of my old career. I need a change, and that is exactly what this transition is doing for me. I look forward to seeing where I end up next year. Without a doubt, I am ready to move on completely from the first company I worked for since graduating college. I’m grateful that I get to run another Turkey Trot this year! Just registered on Wednesday morning 😀 flying-turkey I’m grateful that Andy is coming with my family for Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house in Indiana. It will be awesome for him to see my parents’ new house! Have I told you that my parents are building a house in Indiana? They grew up in IN and are moving next door to my uncles’ 2 houses – almost like a compound – in about 2 years when my dad retires. My dad is an engineer and loves to make things energy efficient. One of my uncles works in construction/is an energy efficiency nerd like my dad and is already done with his house, which is where we are having Thanksgiving dinner. The new house will (I think… don’t quote me on this) have a very low carbon footprint – probably a zero? I think that’s what I heard. My uncle’s house is the same way. ANYWAY, Andy loves the idea of building a custom house, so I can’t wait for him to get a tour of the new place, which is still under construction 😀 I could probably write an entire post or series of posts on this someday because I think it’s super cool. I’m grateful that Chicago is getting an ICE SKATING RIBBON. Read more about it here! chicagoskatingribbon I’m grateful that the caramel brulee latte is back at Starbucks! IT IS SO DELICIOUS. I love caramel 🙂 I’m grateful that I have my gym mojo back. I look forward to hitting the treadmill these days. Maybe it’s because the weather is starting to suck for the first time and the treadmill is such a novelty. This excitement will probably not last, but I’m happy it’s here for now. I’m grateful that Christmas music will be on the radio again soon. I might be the only one who gets excited about this, but I just cannot wait to hear my favorite tunes at every store! I’m grateful that I have a couple of gift cards to spend. I need new boots and look forward to shopping for them! I’m grateful that 2015 is coming. This means so many things for me: finishing up the internship and really solidifying my clinical skills, GRADUATION (I walk across the stage in May!), moving (hopefully to the suburbs because I love the suburbs), a (hopefully!) new job (or at least the ability to work more and make some dinero), more free time, training for and running my second marathon (as discussed here!!), and a blog redesign (Sara offered to help me out/do the whole thing for me, haha). Who knows what else? I have a really good feeling about the upcoming months, but especially about the upcoming year. My intuition is usually correct 😉 I’m grateful that you listened to my ramblings today. I really needed a gratitude post this week. I feel so good now that I wrote it!

  What are you looking forward to?