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Halloween 2014 & Life Update

It feels like ages since my last post! How are you guys?! A couple things happened since we last spoke, which are my reasons excuses for not posting. First, I spent a weekend with Kat and Oksana. We kept things very low-key. Kat usually cooks for us when she’s around, so I ate tons of amazing vegetarian dishes. The three of us talked, caught up, walked their doggies, and went to the gym. I really missed my workout buddies. IMG_1708.JPG

Somewhat unrelated, but my uncle found this old picture of me at his house 🙂

Sadly, I  felt a cold coming on last Saturday and wound up sick as a dog for all of last week. Due to this, I had nothing to blog about; I spent the week either working or curled up on my couch watching Gilmore Girls. By Thursday, I was feeling a little better, which was great because I had a couple of Halloween events to attend. Annie, Britta, My, and I went to an ice skating Halloween party. Britta and Annie skated with me in high school, so it was definitely fun to be out on the ice with them again! IMG_1751.JPG

Hamburglar, a ladybug, and a mouse (duh!). We were trying to be Charlie’s Angels, baha!

I wore my super old ladybug costume because of the tutu – perfect for ice skating 😉


Check out My’s Mary Poppins costume!!!



Being back on the ice always feels like a homecoming to me. I can’t believe I spent so much time figure skating in high school. Lacing up my skates did not come naturally this weekend, and I certainly cannot land my axel anymore 🙂 I had a blast, though! Can’t wait for a winter of skating! My next order of business was heading up to Milwaukee after I worked Saturday morning. Andy and I had a Halloween party to attend at Anthony and Amy’s house (we went to their wedding last month). Can you guess who I’m dressed up as? The answer can be found in a few paragraphs! IMG_1778.JPG

Andy dressed as Luis Suarez, the soccer player who bit another soccer player

The next photo will definitely give my costume away. If you follow me on Instagram, then you definitely already know 😉


I was SPORTY SPICE! Sara rocked the Ginger Spice costume and Tim made that Jamie Fraser costume himself!!

I couldn’t think of a costume and Sara was already planning to dress as Ginger Spice. Sara’s suggestion to piggyback on her costume idea combined with my desire to be comfy and not spend money solidified my decision to dress as Sporty Spice. Andy did a great job at drawing Sporty’s tattoos on my arm with a Sharpie 😀 People thought I was dressed as a marathon runner until they saw my tats (and the sweet microphone)!

Saturday night was so much fun. We played so many games and ended the night with a 3am Spice Girls singalong. I’m so sad that the weekend is over; this was a good one!

Who was your favorite Spice Girl?