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Coffee Date

I’ve always wanted to write one of these posts! Let’s have a virtual coffee date, shall we? My drink of choice is an iced venti soy caramel macchiato… because it was free with my gold card 😉
IMG_1692.JPG If we were meeting for coffee, I’d tell you that most of my week looked like this:
IMG_1685.JPG Yes, my laptop is gross and missing some keys. It’s OLD. My week consisted of work, internship, putting together a presentation, writing a paper, not sleeping much, and… pretty much NOTHING FUN. I almost didn’t write this blog post because I had nothing interesting to say, but I figured virtual coffee would make reading this worth your time, haha. I would tell you that my presentation went swimmingly. Public speaking is soooo not my thing. I don’t mean that I suck at it (I’m actually pretty good at it most of the time), but I have crippling anxiety for DAYS prior to public speaking. It’s horrible. Once I get up there, the anxiety disappears and I do OK. I would tell you that I miss training for races. Next year is definitely going to be a marathon year for me. I feel the urge to run run run. For now I’ll stick to my lovely fall 3-4 milers to avoid my classic burnout, though 🙂 I would tell you that I can’t stop watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It really brings back memories for me. I would tell you that I got my new tea tree oil in the mail! thank you for the recommendation, Oksana!
IMG_1701.JPG I would tell you that I’ve been spending more time with my parents! Coordinating schedules with them has been kind of hard; things were hectic this summer with my mom being in the hospital for 2 months. Now there is time for family (including the dogs)!
IMG_1675.JPG I would tell you that I’m not going to do any homework this weekend. My cousins are in town and we’re going to have so much fun!!!!! I desperately need to relax and see my people <3 I would tell you that ice cream makes everything better. This is especially true when you get to eat it with your BFF 🙂

IMG_1702.JPG What would you tell me on a coffee date? What kind of drink would you order?