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The Cutest Weekend

Sunday nights have grown quite difficult for me because my weekends are so much fun! I’m currently at Starbucks taking a break from preparing a presentation for my class on Wednesday evening. Normally, I would procrastinate this until Tuesday night, but this week is going to be NUTS. I work every single day (Monday through Saturday), have a paper due, am seeing clients back-to-back on Tuesday, etc etc. Complaining about being busy and tired is annoying, though. Let’s talk about the fun stuff: babies and puppies! Saturday was all about my good friend, Brigit’s, baby’s first birthday party. Andy and I got her some adorable books and some college money. Gotta start saving early 😉 I got to see Tim and Sara for the third weekend in a row and Brittany and Katie (friends from college), who I haven’t seen in months! It was like no time had passed at all. My friends are the best. I actually met Sara through Brigit and Brittany… and met Andy through Sara. Is that two degrees of separation for Andy and me? I don’t have photos from the birthday party because Brigit and Dave want to protect their daughter’s privacy, but let me just tell you that the baby is so cute and walking faster than I can run 😉 After the birthday party, I ate Lou Malnati’s with Andy’s family (he lives a few blocks away from Brigit) and then traveled about 20 minutes to Brittany’s house. We played a Harry Potter drinking game, ha! Sunday was all about Kelly The Sheltie. I accompanied my dad to his agility competition because he needed someone to take photos. I blew the dust off of my old DSLR and had to relearn how to use it yesterday. Yes, I have a fancy camera that I don’t use. It’s from 2007! I might start using it more often again. The reason I stopped was because I misplaced my SD card and was too lazy to buy another one. Plus, my iPhone is so much more portable. DSC_0076Kelly is the grey doggy and Sammy is the brown one. My dad only competes in agility with Kelly because she enjoys it so much. Sammy is more of an obedience dog… whatever that means 🙂

DSC_0003Kelly getting ready for a treat 🙂


Sammy being adorable


My dad and Kelly going through the course!

I loved meeting all of my dad’s agility friends and seeing my aunt today! My aunt is also an agility participant, as discussed in this post.

Anyway, I must get back to my work. I probably won’t post again until Friday. It’s going to be a rough week, which I guess makes sense because it’s midterm season at my school.

Do you have a unique hobby like my dad does?

Cats or dogs?