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Gratitude Friday: I’m Really Doing it Edition

Anticipation of doing things is really hard on me; I’m sure you remember my constant anxiety over the summer about starting my internship/new packed schedule. You know what? It’s way easier than I ever thought. I have a nice caseload at my counseling internship now and I can honestly say that I love working with my clients. My coworkers and supervisor are all incredibly supportive. Everything is great. All I had to do was START. I’m grateful that I have the courage to challenge myself. My thoughts can be pretty negative sometimes, but I’ve learned to combat them with positive thinking. In fact, this is something that changed drastically after I completed the Chicago Marathon in 2012. I was reminded of this after reading Brittany’s post about the 27th mile. I learned that, no matter how scary/impossible/difficult something may seem, it will all work out if you refuse to give up. eleonorroosevelt I’m grateful for the Chicago Marathon and all of the runners who inspired me on Sunday. I WILL BE BACK, but not as a volunteer next year 😉 IMG_1635.JPG I’m grateful for my dad because he’s awesome. But also because he helped me change my headlight’s lightbulb that went out last night 🙂 I refuse to pay someone to do that for me because I’m really good at budgeting! I’m grateful to be attending Brigit’s baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY party this weekend. How do I have a friend with a ONE-YEAR-OLD?  We’re all growing up so fast, haha. I’m grateful for exercise. A coworker at my internship teaches body pump at MY GYM and I took her class on Monday. It was wonderful and I will be back. Being on a more rigid schedule has forced me to stick with a workout plan (this is a good thing!). I already completed my Pact for the week and I’m typing this on a Thursday night! I’m grateful that fall running is such a blast. Gotta love running through colorful leaves 🙂 autumn-leaf I’m grateful for salted caramel hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts. I think you guys need to try it! I’m grateful that I get to attend weddings with this guy.  IMG_1551.JPG I’m grateful that my cousin Kat is visiting next weekend. Kat and I were inseperable in middle school and high school. I miss her dearly. ALSO, Oksana of Othingsbeauty will be in town next weekend! We spent pretty much all summer together and I am having withdrawals. Can’t wait to reunite with my cousins/BFFs <3 okskatmel I’m grateful that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix. ‘Nuff said. I’m grateful that my good friend, Annie, and I got to hang out last weekend. We went to VeganMania, a free photography class, and stumbled upon a petting zoo in the middle of downtown Evanston. It. Was. Amazing. pettingzooetown I’m grateful that I bought a BRAND NEW (with tags!) Kenneth Cole pea coat for $23 at Salvation Army a couple weeks ago. How’s that for a bargain?! It’s really cute too… I should’ve taken a picture for you guys! I’m grateful for life. It can be pretty great sometimes 😀 What are you grateful for today? What are you doing this weekend?