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Chicago Marathon Volunteering

You guys, I’m feeling crazy inspired right now by some kickass runners. Yesterday, Sara and I had the privilege of volunteering at the Chicago Marathon. Not only did we volunteer, but we had THE BEST job to do: we handed out MEDALS!!! IMG_1625.JPGThe day started out with some iced coffee and a train ride. IMG_1616.JPGWe made it downtown with time to spare, which allowed us to get our super cool outfits. Definitely looked nerdy 😉 volunteering2 After scoring TWO free sandwiches, which included a vegetarian option (!!!), Sara and I headed off to the finish line! So many runners hugged me or took pictures of me handing them medals. I saw people smiling from ear-to-ear, with happy tears in their eyes, or falling to the ground because they were so exhausted. It reminded me of how I felt when I ran the marathon two years ago; the girl who handed me my medal made me feel so special. I tried to do the same for runners finishing the race yesterday 🙂 IMG_1627.JPGIt was interesting to be on the other side of the race. All of us volunteers would get in line, runners took medals mostly from the volunteer in front, the line moved, and we would go to the back and grab more medals. This was a cycle that lasted four hours. Now I think I’ll make sure to take a medal from the last volunteer in line whenever I run a race, haha! It was stressful when I got to the front because five runners at once would want a medal. Still, it was so cool to be one of the first people to congratulate a runner on such a HUGE accomplishment! Next year, I’ll definitely return to Grant Park on marathon day… probably as a runner 😉 You guys are SUCH an inspiration! Have you ever spectated a gigantic race like the Chicago Marathon?