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Gratitude Friday: Fall Favorites Edition

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I feel like I spoke too soon when I declared my hatred towards fall. To be completely honest, I have truly enjoyed myself so far this autumn. It only seems fair that I write a gratitude list entirely dedicated to this lovely season of change 🙂 I’m grateful for fall running. After the puking incident and some awful long runs, it feels good to run in perfect temperatures. Plus, the scenery is pretty great too. IMG_1457.JPG I’m grateful for fun drinks! Fall means cider and salted caramel mochas. I’m grateful for scarves, sweaters, and boots. Fall fashion is way more fun than summer fashion 🙂 fall-clothes I’m grateful that fall signifies new beginnings. Honestly, I get bored easily. Fall means change, and change can be a good thing! I’m grateful for APPLE PICKING! IMG_1472.JPG I’m grateful for hay rides. IMG_1478.JPG I’m grateful for corn mazes! IMG_1496.JPG I’m grateful for caramel apple cider donut sundaes. IMG_1506.JPG I’m grateful for petting zoos. IMG_1488.JPG I’m grateful for Halloween! I’m grateful for football! I’m just GRATEFUL, man. There are benefits to every season, right? 🙂

Andy and I are off to a fall wedding this weekend! He’s actually a groomsman with Sara‘s husband, Tim. This means Sara and I get to spend some quality time together tonight and tomorrow! Woo! What are you up to this weekend?!