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Gratitude Friday: Going Back to my Roots Edition

Hi, guys! It’s been a busy couple of weeks in my world. I’m starting to work with clients at my counseling internship and am completely overwhelmed, excited, and freaked out. With so much newness in my life after a couple of slow and steady years, I truly felt the need to bring back something that has always allowed me to feel grounded: CONSISTENT EXERCISE.  I do not have any races to train for, no weight that I’m dying to lose, and no specific plan, but I’ve started running/yoga-practicing/ellipticalling much more regularly. I think Karen was right when she told me that running is much more fun when there is no specific training plan in place! That said, I’m grateful for exercise. It has been such a lifesaver the last couple of weeks.  I struggle with anxiety (if you already couldn’t tell, LOL), which is (understandably) brought about most often by big changes. Not having a race goal to pursue has allowed me to do a wide variety of workouts for any length of time. I’m especially enjoying yoga these days, but my love of running is also starting to make a comeback 🙂 IMG_1322.JPGRunning got me through some hard times back in 2012 and I love knowing that it is here for me now as I venture into the unknown. I’m grateful for my dad. My dad is probably the best dad in the entire world. He has been so supportive of me lately and I could not be more grateful. I’m grateful for Andy. I have some awesome guys in my life, clearly! Andy has helped me see the good in my life more often than not and is so easygoing. I am so lucky to have met him #cheesy AndyMelDancing

This photo is so disgustingly cute, in my biased opinion

I’m grateful that this is the view from my internship site! Seriously, how cool is that?


I’m grateful that I am brave. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m really proud of myself for taking a leap of faith 2 years ago and starting grad school.  I could have stayed in my comfort zone just as easily, but I chose to live my dreams instead. Just because I’m completely freaked out by this endeavor doesn’t mean that I’m going to run away from it or not try my best to succeed.


I’m grateful that I remembered some good things about fall. My last post was super negative about the entire autumn season.  However, I am trying to recall my favorite parts because they DO exist. I truly do love wearing boots and have a Macy’s gift card burning a hole in my pocket, which means that I’ll buy myself some new boots soon! Sweaters are pretty great, too.  While I do love iced coffee more than anything, hot beverages are so comforting when it’s freezing cold outside. Salted caramel mochas from Starbucks and mint hot chocolate from Dunkin’ are making a comeback! Woo! Plus, who doesn’t love a cup of hot tea with honey?


I’m grateful for Halloween! It makes the cold weather completely worth it.


Halloween 2009! Who do you think Britta and I are dressed up as? 🙂

I’m grateful that fall being here means that Christmas is coming! If there’s anything I despise more than fall, it is winter, BUT I only hate the part that comes after Christmas.  I love the holiday season and am truly excited that there are less than 100 days until Christmas 😀

I’m grateful for this blog. This is probably on tons of my gratitude lists, but I love writing here and reading all of your blogs. Without Mel’s Miles, I wouldn’t have you guys <3

What are you grateful for today?

What helps keep you grounded?

What is your favorite fall/winter beverage?