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Weekend of Sports that are NOT Running!

Continuing with my goal to not run as much for the time being, I spent this weekend watching sports that I don’t really understand 😉 Saturday after work, Andy and I headed up to Milwaukee (pretty much our second home <3) for a Brewers game in honor of Tim’s birthday and the fact that the bobblehead giveaway for that day was Hank the dog. brewers-hank

Photo stolen from Sara

We began with some old fashioned tailgating.  Sara’s friend, Emily, is a vegetarian like me, so I had someone to enjoy veggie burgers with 🙂 We also played some drinking games and bags. This is what bags looks like, for those of you who may not know what it is:



Is it true that bags is just a Midwest thing?  I actually never heard of the game until college and hardly ever play, which means that I’m not very good due to a lack of practicing. I once heard a rumor that us Midwesterners are the only people who play bags, so I’m curious to read your answers to my question!

IMG_1383.JPGThis was actually my first time tailgating! Is that weird? Don’t answer that.  The tailgating was way more fun than the actual baseball game. No wonder I always found it it so difficult to enjoy sports: I was missing the tailgating aspect of it 😉

Eventually, we were kicked out of the parking lot and made our way to the stadium.  I thought it would be freezing cold in the stadium, but its roof closes! Fancy! It’s been sooooo cold out lately and I am definitely not amused. Luckily, the Brewers were prepared for the weather.


I couldn’t even tell you who won the game because I barely paid attention. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for baseball, I had a great time 🙂 To continue with the sporty theme of this weekend, I decided to watch the Bears game with Andy. I don’t know if I’ve discussed my distaste for the entire fall season on my blog, but… I hate fall. It’s a simply awful season because it means winter is coming (and pumpkin flavored foods are GROSS), which is an even worse season. So, I want to combat these negative feelings by becoming a football fan 😉 IMG_1395.JPG We watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings, which made the experience even more fun. I saw something on the menu that reminded me of the only exciting thing about fall besides Halloween and pretty leaves: cider! The game was really exciting and the Bears ended up winning! Maybe next year I’ll actually look forward to fall due to the anticipation of football season and cider. Are you a football fan? How do you feel about autumn? Is bags a thing in parts of the country besides the Midwest?!