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Labor Day Weekend!

This weekend was so relaxing! I completely forgot about Labor Day, so I didn’t make many real plans.  Andy arrived to Chicago on Saturday evening and spent the entire holiday weekend with me. Our first order of business was meeting up with my coworkers and their friends and/or significant others at The J Parker.  The J Parker is a rooftop bar that is also apparantly a tourist trap.  I had never heard of it before my coworkers organized the outing, despite the fact that I’ve lived in Chicagoland for most of my life. The rooftop was definitely crowded, but the view was breathtaking. Next time, I’d arrive earlier to catch the view in daylight.

IMG_1295-1The view was way better in person…

Andy and I stayed out pretty late with most of the group, but it didn’t matter because we had all the time in the world to sleep in on Sunday morning.  After Andy made me an omelet for “breakfast” around 1pm, we made our way to downtown Evanston to walk around.  Evanston is my favorite town ever; I need to live there at some point.  Maybe next year when I graduate and get a new job 🙂 IMG_1306-1 My good friends, Annie and My, introduced me to Northwestern’s campus a few weeks ago and I just had to show Andy! Yet another place I’ve lived near for years and have never visited, haha! If I had a bajillion dollars and scored wayyyyyy higher on the ACT, I would totally have gone to Northwestern. BEAUTIFUL campus! We walked past World of Beer and obviously had to go in. IMG_1310-1

I had the Wittekerke, which may be new new favorite beer!

Andy and I spent a long time at Starbucks working on various projects and then went back to my place to watch the sixth Harry Potter movie.  We have been working on rewatching the series this entire summer; the sixth movie was definitely the creepiest one for me.  Am I the only person who gets freaked out by Harry Potter? I remember my parents were out of town when the last book came out and I was too scared to read it while home alone… I’m kind of a baby 😛 Labor Day morning was all about finding a dehumidifier for my apartment. Boring tangent: I’m having some issues with ventilation/moisture/other lovely things, so I am experimenting with cheap ways to deal with the problem.  I bought two DampRid containers, which were only $5 total! Surprisingly, DampRid has really positive reviews on Amazon. I’m excited to see what happens. /end tangent Andy and I stopped for dipped cones on the way back from dehumidifier shopping.  Dipped cones are my new obsession. I got a chocolate cone dipped in peanut butter, which was my best creation yet 😀 IMG_1317-0The rest of Labor Day was spent frisbee golfing (another new obsession) and hanging out at Starbucks again, which is where I am writing this blog post. I didn’t run at all this weekend, but I got tons of Fitbit steps! Is this still a running blog? HAHA. I am running a half marathon next weekend, so stay tuned 🙂 Where do you go to get work done? A coffee shop, the library, somewhere else, or do you just stay home?