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Vacation Recap!

This post is long overdue; Andy and I went on our vacation two weeks ago! You may or may not have read that we stayed at a family member’s house on Lake Michigan. I don’t want to name the town we went to for safety purposes, but the photos may give us away if you know the area well.

IMG_1086.JPG Like one would expect in Wisconsin, we began our adventure with a pitcher of beer. The restaurant we went to offered deal for a half price pizza with the pitcher. Our bill was around $10!

IMG_1074.JPG After dinner, we walked around the downtown area near the lake. It was so relaxing!

IMG_1078.JPG We slept in until 11am every morning for some reason. I usually wake up by 9am at the latest on weekends or days off when I have nothing to do. Waking up on vacation was pretty tough, haha! Our first order of business on Monday morning (we arrived to the house on Sunday night) was grocery shopping. I made a point of leading us to Piggly Wiggly because it’s the grocery store with the best name 😉

IMG_1081.JPG We stuck to a grocery list in order to save money. Breakfast was always eggs and hashbrowns, lunch was PBJs with chips, and dinner was mostly things we could grill (and frozen pizza one night). We also bought watermelon because it’s delicious and we didn’t want to get scurvy 😛 Andy and I made s’mores every single night too!

IMG_1100.JPG Our main activity was doing nothing, which I really needed after this crazy summer of changes and tough situations. I recently had yet another stressful life event that I will never blog about, but I handled it really well for what it was. I think it’s because this vacation relaxed me 🙂 The weather was rainy for the majority of the days we were there. One day, we went to the local mall and on another rainy day we had to take care of some business up in Milwaukee. We enjoyed our time despite the rain. Still, it was sad that we didn’t have any opportunities to sit on the beach. It was nice outside on our last day, but the sand at the beach was still soaked from the rain. Instead of beaching, I accompanied Andy while he went fishing on a pier. I read The Geography of Bliss and enjoyed the lovely weather and scenery.


IMG_1107.JPG We saw some otters while we were out at the pier!

IMG_1120.JPG This is something I definitely don’t see in Chicago 🙂 I wish I had more to write about the vacation, but… Actually I don’t. Having nothing to do but relax for 5 days was the best thing ever! I know that I will be super busy with interning and working this next year, so I do not take the gift of vacation time for granted. My next vacation will probably be next July or August!

IMG_1091.JPG Until next time, Wisconsin! Where is your next vacation?