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Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run 2014

Last Sunday, I completed my second mud run: The Dirty Girl Mud Run in Waukesha, WI. I stayed over at my friend, Sara’s, house in Milwaukee the night before the race.  Race morning began as many mornings do for me: with a trip to Starbucks 🙂  After that, Sara and I picked up Becca from her place and drove to Waukesha. It was a COLD morning. I brought several clothing options with me for the race and wound up wearing as many layers as possible. I could’ve used a jacket at first, but quickly warmed up as our little group went through the obstacles. Sara is currently injured, so Becca and I decided to walk the race with her instead of run.  I’m pretty sure we would have walked no matter what because the course was slippery due to the mud.  Plus, Dirty Girl is untimed and has tons of fun obstacles. No need to rush through it 😀 Sara took some pictures of Becca and me completing the obstacles she decided to skip. DGDG1Becca was always a few steps ahead of me on the obstacles. I was pretty intimidated by some of them (I’m scared of heights and the mud was pretty cold); Becca told me that her secret was to just not think about it. As a sentimental/cheesy person, I contemplated “just don’t think about it” throughout the race.  It makes so much sense: mind over matter! Just do it and don’t think about it! I applied Becca’s secret to the race as best I could and now need to apply it to the rest of my life. Sorry for the tangent, but I just wanted to mention this in case anyone overthinks things the way I do, haha. DG2

This obstacle was quite painful!


This one was pretty high up, but not the scariest obstacle due to it being made of a soft material 🙂


There were two obstacles like this one and I hit my head on the sign while going through both of them…


This one is called the “Utopian Tubes” LOL (moment of immaturity)


There was a long walk between the second to last obstacle and the last one at the finish line.


We dove right into the mud at the finish line 🙂


Finished and super muddy!

At the end of the race, there was a station with tons of hoses.  It was freezing, but the mud absolutely wouldn’t come off. I have mud in my ears still, HAHA. No matter how long I spent spraying water on my hair, it was still completely full of mud.  I washed my hair twice in the shower before I went home 🙂

I wore old running shoes and donated them at the end of the race. It felt good traveling to Chicago with a lighter bag.

Overall, the Dirty Girl Mud Run was a blast and very well-organized. I would do it again next year for sure!

Have you ever done a mud run?