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Gratitude Friday: Vacation Edition!

Another week of Gratitude Friday in a row! So proud of myself 😀 I’m in a particularly good mood today because I have all of next week OFF; no work, no school, no nothing! Andy and I are going to spend about 5 days at a cabin by a beach in Wisconsin. We went to Southern Illinois for 3 days last year and it was simply not enough time to fully relax.  It will be awesome to unplug for nearly a full week this time around. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on a real vacation for this many days.  That said, I will probably only post once next week (or maybe not at all!). I’m sure you guys understand. To begin gratitude friday, I’ve gotta say that I’m grateful for vacations! A family member of mine owns this cabin, which means that our stay is FREE (also EXTREMELY grateful for that)! The only thing Andy and I will pay for is gas and food. Plus some Redbox rentals and alcoholic beverages, I’m sure 😉 I’m grateful for all the free drinks I’ve scored at Starbucks lately.  It’s too great. The computer broke one day so they couldn’t ring me up, I earned a free drink with my gold card another day, and I was overcharged by 40 cents the next day and the barista gave me a free drink coupon as an apology. So many iced caramel macchiatos instead of iced coffees! 20140803-195058-71458282.jpg I’m grateful for my friends! Britta, Annie, and I went shopping on Wednesday evening and had a blast. I also got to eat falafel! Yum yum. 20140807-154315-56595052.jpg I’m grateful for my cousin, Oksana from Othingsbeauty! It’s awesome to have a family member who blogs 😀 She understands how much fun it is, haha. Oksana and I are also going to drink delicious beer tonight at a place I’ve always wanted to try. I’m pretty psyched about it! I’m grateful for FOOD. Most of the photos I put up for my 100 Happy Days challenge are of food or drinks. I can’t help it… I just love to eat. I’m also grateful that I didn’t screw up the new pasta recipe I made the other night. I have so much of this left and am going to have to eat it all before heading to Wisconsin this weekend. Such a challenge 😉 20140807-154314-56594117.jpg I’m grateful that life is exceeding my expectations. I was really bummed that Andy moved and that my mom is still in bad shape after breaking her spine back in June.  However, everything happens for a reason.  Some really exciting opportunities are happening for Andy and we are making things work long distance so far (if you can count an hour as long distance).  My mom is also making lots of small improvements; she is even going on a weekend trip with my dad tomorrow! I can’t believe it! I’m grateful that I’m really looking forward to the future and am finally starting to enjoy my present. To say that I’ve been full of dread about this year is an understatement.  Starting a new career journey while going through some other life changes seems like a pretty daunting task.  However, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I am ready for something new… an adventure into the unknown.  That’s exactly what I’m going to get! Sure, it’s all very terrifying, but it’s also exactly what I want. Time for me to put on my big girl pants and do the damn thing; it’s much better than staying the same forever 🙂 I’m grateful for exercise. This week, I’m the leader of all my friends for Fitbit steps! I haven’t been running as much as I’ve been cross-training this week, but it feels great to be moving more often than I’m used to. I might even squeeze in a yoga class before work (I’m writing this on Thursday night, so who knows if I’ll make it to that yoga class, baha) I’m grateful for good books. I plan to read a ton at the beach next week.  Most of the books will be about counseling, but I definitely need some chicklit too! Time to get myself over to the library. Again, I’m grateful for inspirational quotes. 20140807-154314-56594278.jpg

See you guys whenever I see you 😀 What is your favorite Starbucks beverage? Where did you go on your last vacation? What are you grateful for today?