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One Foot in Front of the Other

I like to think about running the same way I think about life: sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful, and most of the time it just kind of is. Yesterday, I had my first truly crappy run in a long time. I wanted to run 9 miles early in the morning to avoid the heat, but I couldn’t get out of bed. This is probably because I went to sleep later than I should have the night before.  I wound up procrastinating the run until after lunch, considered skipping it altogether, but did it anyway (GO ME!). 20140803-195100-71460900.jpgI parked at my gym and ran a half mile to a nearby forest preserve.  Originally, the plan was to run 7 miles at the forest preserve and complete the final 2 miles on a treadmill. After 3.5 miles, I decided to just keep going and complete the entire run outside instead of turn around.  Around mile 6, my energy disappeared.  I continued running until mile 7, but just had to walk.  I ran whenever I could, but my last mile and a half was slow. I found a shortcut and arrived back to the gym parking lot at 8.66 miles. 20140803-195101-71461096.jpgWhile it is disheartening to have such a crappy run, I felt good about myself when I finished. Sometimes, the important part of a run is not how fast you go, but that you get to the finish line in any way possible – even if you have to crawl.  I obviously didn’t get to the finish line of my 9 miler, but still… you get what I’m saying. Plus, 8.66 miles is pretty darn close to 9 😉 Lately, life has been humbling.  I imagined certain things for myself, like a healthy mom, living near my boyfriend, and feeling confident in my abilities going into my internship.  Nothing ever turns out the way we imagine it, but that doesn’t mean we have to be defeated. Just because my run sucked doesn’t mean I’ll stop running.  Quite the opposite, actually. I now am ready to prepare better for my 10 miler next weekend and prove myself wrong. Similarly, just because my mom’s spine is taking forever to heal does not mean that she will never heal. Just because my boyfriend moved does not mean we will be long distance forever. Just because I feel nervous about my internship does not mean that I will fail. All I can do is keep moving forward. In the spirit of moving forward, Andy finished moving out of his place this weekend. I’m a creep and took some pictures of the place; I just want to remember it because we spent most of our relationship (so far) at that apartment. 20140803-195057-71457515.jpg

Here I am in Andy’s old bathroom, HA.

I would put up other pictures, but… actually no I would not 😉 That would be weird.

My cousin, Oksana, has been an awesome friend this entire summer. I’m going to be so sad when she heads back to school next month.  We spent Saturday together; our first stop was the gym. I actually lifted some weights, which is rare for me! We also went to Starbucks, ate pizza, and shopped for makeup at Ulta. Oksana helped me pick out a new concealer: the NYX Concealer Wand. It was only $5!

Oksana is also pretty awesome because she lets me have veggies from her garden!


Life is definitely not all bad; I actually really did enjoy my weekend! Some runs suck, some other life events suck, but things are generally quite great. I can’t let myself forget that 🙂 How do you get through tough times? How do you get through tough runs?