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A Day at the Zoo

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting on Wednesday. Normally, I write each post the night before, but I had class on Tuesday night and was busy all day before that.  My group did a huge presentation and that took a lot out of me. Public speaking is incredibly draining. Now I only have one paper to write and I’m done with summer school! How do you like that? 🙂 In other news, Andy (my boyfriend) is moving away from Chicago this weekend. While the move is really sad and was sort of unexpected/sudden, it is actually a good change for him. This is another change I’ve been alluding to in other posts. Andy and I are still together, but will have to manage a (semi) long distance relationship for a little while. He’s moving only about an hour away, so the distance won’t be too bad. Andy and I celebrated the end of our time in Chicago together with a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo! We started our adventure at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which I have always wanted to go to.  It was pretty boring compared to the zoo, though. What are a bunch of plants when you can see cute little animals? 20140731-193516-70516758.jpgI wanted Andy to take a picture of me in front of the skyline, but it didn’t fit into the frame. I could’ve moved to a different spot, but I was lazy about it. 20140731-193515-70515782.jpgGiraffes are the coolest. 20140731-193518-70518181.jpgWe tried to take a selfie in front of the giraffe, but that was another photo background fail, haha! 20140731-193517-70517181.jpgPolar bear!20140731-193519-70519275.jpgSelfie with a polar bear! This one actually worked 😀 20140731-193520-70520104.jpgI have a new appreciation for meerkats. 20140731-193521-70521873.jpg   20140731-193523-70523750.jpg   20140731-193524-70524796.jpgWe walked around 17,000 steps at the zoo, according to my Fitbit. The zoo was such a fun time, and FREE! My only gripe is that my favorite zoo animals, OTTERS, were all hiding when we went to their exhibit.  We also missed seeing the fennec foxes, which are Andy’s favorite zoo animal. Sad times. Which zoo animal is your favorite? Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?