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Park Center Triathlon Volunteering!

I volunteered at the Park Center Triathlon in Glenview this weekend! Park-Center-Tri-2014   This was my third year volunteering. The first time was in 2011; Britta, Katerina, Oksana, and I directed participants during the bike portion.  We were mentioned in a newspaper article and described as very encouraging cheerleaders for participants 😀 The second time I volunteered with Britta and her mom in 2012. We decorated a water station along the running portion of the race. Our station had a Hawaiian theme and played the Spice Girls on Britta’s Hello Kitty boom box. So cool 😉 parkcentertriI couldn’t make it in 2013, but had the opportunity to work the water station again this year!

20140728-075655-28615766.jpg The morning started with a 5am wake up, which was about as fun as that sounds on a Sunday. Luckily, Britta made me a huge coffee! We drove the 30 minutes to Glenview and poured a boatload of water. The guy in first place ran through pretty soon after that! He must have finished the bike and swim portions SUPER fast.

20140728-080021-28821921.jpg This was our view first thing in the morning. Again, I LOVE the suburbs! A few more people ran through, but not many during the first hour! The majority of the people took much longer than the first finishers. It was so interesting to see the distribution of triathletes throughout the entire race. The first person and the last person were both giving it their all. The race started at 6:30 and we stayed at our water station until after 10!

20140728-080350-29030001.jpg The course Every time I volunteer at the Park Center Tri, I make a pact with myself to complete a triathlon someday. Maybe next year! Britta, her mom, and I brunched after the race. After my stomach settled, I did some cycling of my own at the gym 🙂

20140728-080605-29165347.jpg This is probably slow, but I don’t even know… Have you ever done a triathlon? Do you ever volunteer at races?