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Grateful for the Present

It sure has been a long time since I wrote a Gratitude Friday post, but I really need one this week! I am at one of those points in my life where I can tell a big change is on its way.  In fact, I know a big change is coming – several changes, actually. My mind is constantly full of anxious thoughts and “what ifs.” Mindfulness has been incredibly helpul lately; focusing on the here-and-now keeps me grounded. 20140724-212435-77075533.jpgMy brain often works overtime. No, I don’t mean that I’m smarter than anyone else, I just mean that I overthink and analyze almost everything to death. It. Is. Exhausting. Deep breathing and trying to notice the small, happy details of my daily life have helped me put things into perspective (not that I’m perfect, but at least I’m trying.) Let’s see if a little gratitude puts things into perspective this morning: I’m grateful for my life right now, just as it is. As I mentioned, this life of mine is about to change drastically. It actually already has a little, but many more changes are in store in the next couple of weeks and months. I’m trying to enjoy every second of the next couple weeks because I know life can never go back to exactly how it is right here and right now. I’m grateful for my health. My mom is still in pretty bad shape after breaking her spine on Father’s Day. She was in the hospital for about 2 weeks and then spent a full month at a rehabilitation center. It doesn’t look like she will be back to normal anytime soon.  While my mom’s situation is horrible and affects my whole family, her spine injury reminded me that good health is such a gift. How awesome is it that I can go outside and run without any pain? I’m grateful for running. Running regularly is actually happening in my life right now. I can’t believe it! Running has helped combat a lot of anxiety lately; I can see now why I was so darn happy all the time when I was marathon training 🙂 My half marathon is in about 5 weeks and I’m on target to complete all of my long runs. I am also grateful that I get to run HERE: 20140724-212435-77075126.jpg I’m grateful for the people in my life. I am going through a lot right now – especially with my mom not doing very well – and my friends/boyfriend/family have all really stepped up to be supportive during all of this.  My spirits have been lower (perhaps it isn’t obvious on the blog, but it certainly is in real life), but my people still put up with me and always help me smile on bad days 🙂 I’m grateful that my internship supervisor seems super cool. The interview I had for my internship was the best one I’ve probably ever had in my life; I found that I have a ton of interests in common with my supervisor.  Thank goodness because I am absolutely petrified of starting my internship next year (this counts as yet another big change because it’s pretty much a 180* career change for me).  Working with someone who “gets me” will hopefully make getting used to the job much easier. I’m grateful for motivational quotes. 20140724-212435-77075782.jpg 20140724-212435-77075382.jpg   I’m grateful that there is still a month of summer left. I chopped my hours at work practically in half already and currently have a lot more free time until I start interning. It feels good to relax and have time to do fun things 🙂 I’m grateful for Goodreads because now I have an electronic list of all the books I want to read. This way, I can just check the Goodreads app on my phone while at the library and see if they have the books I want to read! I’m grateful for ice cream. It makes life better!


I’m grateful for salad because it balances out the ice cream 😉


I’m grateful that things are changing. Yes, change is terrifying, but it’s also a very good thing. These changes signify that I am moving forward; life is happening. My mom’s spine injury really sucks, but the other changes (more things are going on aside from the upcoming internship, but are not blogworthy yet) are good. Scary, but good. That’s all for today! How do you deal with change?