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Game Night, Nature, and a Reunion

It’s Monday again. Is it me or is this summer just flying by? My days of “freedom” are numbered because I will soon begin my internship and only have one day off per week (for almost an entire YEAR).  I’m trying to soak up as much summer as I can! When Andy’s mom suggested a game night for Saturday, I was super excited.  I clocked out of work around 1:30 on Saturday, changed clothes, and made a bee line for the south suburbs.  Andy’s family had snacks and fun drinks all ready to go. It was  like a mini vacation 🙂

20140721-080537-29137177.jpgStrawberry-lime margaritas and pizza are the keys to my heart.

Aside from fun drinks and pizza, there were delicious chips, two amazing dips, and a blueberry tort. Nom nom nom. We played a game called Bubble Talk and I lost big time! I suppose that makes up for the 4th of July when my team kicked butt at Cranium 🙂

We played outside, which felt so summery to me. Andy’s fam has a fire pit.  I need a house in the suburbs with a cute backyard STAT.  I have a weird love of the ‘burbs, and it’s just getting worse as I grow older, haha!

20140721-080537-29137915.jpgOn Sunday, we went for a walk at a nearby forest preserve. Most of the trails were closed, but we were able to do one that took us about 1.5 miles. Embarrassingly enough, I had to count this is my third Pact workout for the week.  I plan to do my long run later today to make up for missing it, though! YAY ME.

20140721-080540-29140041.jpgThe forest preserve also had a little building full of cute animals (and not-so-cute taxidermy).



I spent a little more time with Andy’s family, but had plans to see an old friend for dinner.  My old ice skating friend, Christine, was in town from Oregon visiting her family.  We went to an awesome Thai restaurant and caught up; the last time I saw Christine was over Christmas.  She lives in Eugene, OR and is trying to convince me to run the half marathon there next summer. It won’t take too much arm twisting… the Eugene Half (or full) Marathon is definitely on my bucket list.

We walked around Lincoln Square and got gelato. My BFF, Britta’s, cousin was working at the gelato shop. What a coincidence! I hadn’t seen her in about a year! I can’t believe I had two reunions in one night 🙂

20140721-080540-29140961.jpgI had sea salt caramel, dark chocolate, and espresso flavored gelato. YUM.

After gelato and a little more walking, Christine invited me over to say hi to her parents. We were all pretty sleepy and Christine had a flight to Israel (how cool is that?!) early in the morning, so we only hung out until about 10pm.

Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend! I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week.

What is your favorite gelato flavor?

Do you have a race bucket list? Tell me about the races you want to run!